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…the Red Wings

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The Red Wings have had me all confused this year. At some moments, they look similar to the team that has went to two straight Stanley Cup Finals (should have won last year); at other times, they look absolutely horrible. Their issue so far has been stretches within games where they just do not even seem to pay attention or WANT to win. I still cannot figure out whether this is just a team that is suffering from the ‘Stanley Cup Hangover’, or if they are just past their prime.

Last night for example, they played a horrible first half of the game and were down 5-1 before the halfway point. Then it just seemed like the lights came on; they were hustling, hitting, shooting and scoring. They outshot the Oilers 20-6 in the 3rd period and were able to tie the game at 5. Although they lost the game in a shootout, it seems like they might finally need these ‘3 point games’ to get in the Playoffs.

I still think that their record is a little bit misleading. Although they are 4-4-3 now, the only game they have been completely outplayed was a 6-2 loss to Buffalo a few weeks ago. They have held the lead in 5 of their other 6 losses (the one where they did not was last night’s comeback from 5-1) and on 3 occasions, their lead was 2 goals. Thankfully, I consider myself an optimist, so when I look at that I think that they just need to improve their defensive play and all should be fine. It is a little worrisome that last season, they did not lose their fourth game in regulation until November 29 (this year was October 24).

And now Valtteri Filppula is out for 6-8 weeks with a broken wrist….

Goals Lost From Last Year’s Lineup Count: 128

Needless to say, this is a very very different Detroit team and the Central Division/Western Conference/NHL should be licking their lips with the opportunity to finally dethrown the most successful franchise of the past 20 years in sports.

WTF Colorado….

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Well, this one comes a little unexpected. Nearing a month into the NHL season, the Colorado Avalanche sit atop the standings with a 10-1-2 record, good for 22 points.

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Here is what Red Wings centre Pavel Datsyuk said yesterday after practise:

I’m a shooter now, shooter,” Datsyuk said. “I’m happy to shoot. I need more shoot. I’m looking forward to shoot. Sometimes I shoot, sometimes I forget I need to shoot — maybe I make it tattoo.

That may be the best quote ever.

The Trends Continue

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Here are a list of things that I would have bet would be true by this point of the NHL season: Continue reading

Advantage Brodeur?

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With the eyes of Team Canada’s decision makers all over Roberto Luongo on Tuesday night, he dropped the ball. The Vancouver Canucks hosted the struggling Detroit Red Wings last night, which gave Luongo a chance to showcase his skill to Team Canada’s executive director, Steve Yzerman, and head coach, Mike Babcock.

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What I Won’t Do

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I vow to do my best not to talk about any of the stories that every major media outlet around here shove down our throats. That means: No head shots, no Hamilton Coyotes, no Mats Sundin retiring, and no to any other run down, over analyzed story.

My Stanley Cup Pick

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No, I am not picking the 1975 Flyers to win the Cup. But I do believe this year edition has enough power to finally make it back to the Finals. I am a little uncertain on Ray Emery right now, but this is who I chose 9 games ago, so it is who I will stick with for now. They’re skilled, young, fast and tough. Sorry Pittsburgh.

1st Round Draft History

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 One of my biggest hockey pet peeves is when people say how good teams are at drafting, when they are really just good at sucking for a long time. The Pittsburgh Penguins did not win the Stanley Cup because they were good at drafting. They won because they were really bad for half a decade: Fleury (1st in ’03), Malkin (2nd in ’04), Crosby (1st in ’05), Staal (2nd in ’06).

A major transition is occurring in the NHL, one in which the teams of the 00’s are going to fall into mediocrity, and the basement dwellers of the post lockout era are going to climb the charts. The teams that have been racking up the high first round picks are starting to get good. Pittsburgh and Washington are the forefathers of this movement, with Chicago, and to a lesser degree, Columbus, breaking onto their level last season. Now, it looks like LA, Phoenix, Atlanta and Edmonton are ready to take the next step.

So I did some research on the 1st round draft picks in the NHL right now. Down below is a list of each team, and the first round picks that are on their team at this point in time. Some of the interesting things to note are: Continue reading


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Uh oh! The Monster is in the net for the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight. And after having only lead for 6 minutes and 40 seconds allllllllllllll season, the Leafs have finished the 1st period ahead of the Ducks 2-1. Although it is way too early to tell, this could be the beginning of something amazing for the Leafs. Was it the dodgeball? Brian Burke’s pheasant hunting? Who knows. But again, it is only the first period.

By the way, I actually do plan on writing some real hockey blog articles for this page and will not always be making sarcastic comments. I am actually working on one right now. So there.

In other news, Jaroslav Halak started his 4th straight game tonight, helping the Habs to their 4th straight win. They’re PRICE-less…….get it.

The Price is Wrong Bitch

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 Welllllll well well….Bob Gainey sucks. Does anyone remember two years ago when Carey Price broke into the league and took over from Cristobal Huet in the Canadiens net? Huet was on shaky ground and you could just tell that the Montreal management wanted to build up the cred of “the new kid”. It continued with every single announcer commenting on how he is always so calm and awesome (I’m looking at you Pierre). Then the Patrick Roy comparisons started….after 10 games in the NHL. Remember, this was a 19 year old kid.

Well two years later it seems like Bob Gainey doesn’t know shit. They pushed this kid, then pushed and pushed some more. After starting the season 2-4, with a 3.36 GAA, Jaroslav Halak will get his third straight start in net for the Canadiens tonight. He might be almost as arrogant as this other GM on a Canadian team.