1st Round Draft History

 One of my biggest hockey pet peeves is when people say how good teams are at drafting, when they are really just good at sucking for a long time. The Pittsburgh Penguins did not win the Stanley Cup because they were good at drafting. They won because they were really bad for half a decade: Fleury (1st in ’03), Malkin (2nd in ’04), Crosby (1st in ’05), Staal (2nd in ’06).

A major transition is occurring in the NHL, one in which the teams of the 00’s are going to fall into mediocrity, and the basement dwellers of the post lockout era are going to climb the charts. The teams that have been racking up the high first round picks are starting to get good. Pittsburgh and Washington are the forefathers of this movement, with Chicago, and to a lesser degree, Columbus, breaking onto their level last season. Now, it looks like LA, Phoenix, Atlanta and Edmonton are ready to take the next step.

So I did some research on the 1st round draft picks in the NHL right now. Down below is a list of each team, and the first round picks that are on their team at this point in time. Some of the interesting things to note are:

Florida and Washington have the most of their own 1st round picks on their team right now with 7 each. Detroit and Boston have 1.

St. Louis has the most 1st round picks on their team with 12 in total, 5 from within their system and 7 from outside trading or signings. Philly and Anaheim both have 11 total, while Buffalo only has 4.

Now for the best statistic. Which team has the most 1st round draft picks actually playing in the NHL, whether that be currently on their team, or playing for another organization. This could indicate two things. The team is very efficient at making their 1st round draft picks because there are so many in the League. Or that the team is very efficient at trading away their future for little return. Because of the team, I would agree with the latter option. There were actually four teams tied with 11 total 1st round picks in the League: LA, Ottawa, Philly and Florida. But the winner, with 14 1st round picks still playing in the NHL, the New York Islanders! And you can thank Mike Milbury for that.

Milbury will likely go down as one of the worst GMs in NHL history, trading away so much talent in half of a decade. The likes of Roberto Luongo, Todd Bertuzzi, Tim Connolly, Bryan McCabe and Eric Brewer were all drafted in the 1st round by the Isles. This is not including picking Rick DiPietro 1st overall over Dany Heatley, or trading Zdeno Chara and the 2nd overall pick (which turned out to be Jason Spezza), for Alexei Yashin. I’m going to continue because it gets worse. The Islanders then signed to a 10 year $87 million deal, a deal in which they are still paying for (on the ice and in their bank account).

Anaheim Ducks

Inside: Lupul (7th in ’02), Getzlaf (19th  in ‘03 ), Perry (28th in ’03), Ryan (2nd in ’05)

Outside: Selanne (10th in ’88 by Jets), Niedermayer (3rd in ’91 by NJ), Giguere (13th in ’95 by Car), Boynton (21st in ’99 by Bos), Whitney (5th in ’02 by Pit), Eminger (12th in ’02 by Was), Nokelainen (16th in ’04 by NYI)

Atlanta Thrashers

Inside: Kovalchuk (1st in ’01), Lehtonen (2nd in ’02), Little (12th in ’06), Bogosian (3rd in ’08), Kane (4th in ’09)

Outside: Antropov (10th in ’98 by Tor), Hainsey (13th in ’00 by Mon), Armstrong (21st in ’01 by Pit)

Boston Bruins

Inside: Stuart (21st in ’03)

Outside: Morris (13th in ’96 by Cal), Sturm (21st in ’96 by SJ), Paille (20th in ’02 by Buf), Rask (21st in ’05 by Tor)

Buffalo Sabres

Inside: Vanek (5th in ’03), Stafford (13th in 04), Myers (12th in ’08)

Outside: Connolly (5th in ’99 by NYI)

Calgary Flames

Inside: Regehr (19th in ’98), Nystrom (10th in ’02), Phaneuf (9th in ’03)

Outside: Iginla (11th in ’95 by Dal), Langkow (5th in ’95 by TB), Jokinen (3rd in ’97 by LA), Sjostrom (11th in ’01 by Pho), Bouwmeester (3rd in ’02 by Fla)

Carolina Hurricanes

Inside: C. Ward (25th in ’02), Staal (2nd in ’03), Sutter (11th in ’07)

Outside: Brind’Amour (9th in ’88 by StL), A. Ward (5th in ’91 by Win), Samsonov (8th in ’97 in Bos), Ruutu (9th in ’01 by Chi), Gleason (23rd in ’01 by Ott), Pitkanen (4th in ’02 by Phi)

Chicago Blackhawks

Inside: Seabrook (14th in ’03), Barker (3rd in ’04), Toews (3rd in ’06), Kane (1st in ’07),

Outside: Hossa (12th in ’97 by Ott), Eager (23rd in ’02 by Pho), Ladd (4th in ’04 by Car),

Colorado Avalanche

Inside: Wolski (21st in ’04), Stewart (18th in ’06), Duchene (3rd in ’09)

Outside: Hannan (23rd in ’97 by SJ), Salei (9th in ’96 by Ana)

Columbus Blue Jackets

Inside: Klesla (4th in ’00), Nash (1st in ’02), Brassard (6th in ’06), Voracek (7th in ’07), Filatov (6th in ’08)

Outside: Torres (5th in ’00 by NYI), Umberger (16th in ’01 by Van)

Dallas Stars

Inside: Modano (1st in ’88), Morrow (25th in ’97), Ott (25th in ’00), Fistric (28th in ’04), Matt Niskanen(28th in ’05)

Outside: Woywitka (27th in ’01 by Phi)

Detroit Red Wings

Inside: Kronwall (29th in ’00)

Outside: May (14th in ’90 by Buf), Bertuzzi (23rd in ’93 by NYI), Cleary (13th in ’97 by Edm), Stuart (3rd in ’98 by SJ), Eaves (29th in ’03 by Ott)

Edmonton Oilers

Inside: Hemsky (13th in ’01), Pouliot (22nd in ’03), Cogliano (25th in ’05),  Gagner (6th in ’07)

Outside: Moreau (14th in ’94 by Chi), Grebeshkov (18th in ’02 by LA), Nilsson (15th in ’03 by NYI), Smid (9th in ’04 by Ana), Brule (6th in ’06 by CBJ)

Florida Panthers

Inside: Dvorak (10th in ’95), Weiss (4th in ’01), Horton (3rd in ’03), Olesz (7th in ’04), Mcardle (20th in ’05), Frolik (10th in ’06), Kulikov (14th in ’09)

Outside: Stillman (6th in ’92 by Cal), Allen (4th in ’98 by Van), Ballard (11th in ’02 by Buf)

Los Angeles Kings

Inside: Brown (13th in ’03), Frolov (20th in ’00), Kopitar (11th in ’05), Lewis (17th in ’06), Doughty (2nd in ’08)

Outside: Smyth (6th in ’94 by Edm), Williams (28th in ’00 by Phi), Johnson (3rd in ’05 by Car)

Minnesota Wild

Inside: Bouchard (8th in ’02), Koivu (6th in ’01), Burns (20th in ’03), Pouliot (4th in ’05), Sheppard (9th in ’06)

Outside: Nolan (1st in ’90 by Que), Sykora (18th in ’95 by NJ), Havlat (26th in ’99 by Ott), Kobasew (14th in ’01 by Cal)

Montreal Canadiens

Inside: Kostitsyn (10th in ’03), Chipchura (18th in ’04), Price (5th in ’05), Pacioretty (22nd in ’07)

Outside: Hamrlik (1st in ’92 by TB), Mara (7th in ’97 by TB)

Nashville Predators

Inside: Hamhuis (12th in ’01), Suter (7th in ’03), Wilson (7th in ’08)

Outside: Belak (12th in ’94 by Que), Dumont (3rd in ’96 by NYI), Goc (20th in ’01 by SJ)

New Jersey Devils

Inside: Brodeur (20th in ’90), Rolston (11th in ’91), Parise (17th in ’03), Zajac (20th in ’04), Bergfors (23rd in ’05),

Outside: Niedermayer (5th in ’93 by Fla), Zubrus (15th in ’96 by Phi)

New York Islanders

Inside: DiPietro (1st in ’00), Bergenheim (22nd in ’02), Okposo (7th in ’06), Bailey (9th in ’08), Tavares (1st in ’09)

Outside: Witt (11th in ’93 by Was), Biron (16th in ’95 by Buf), Tambellini (27th in ’03 by LA), Schremp (25th in ’04 by Edm)

New York Rangers

Inside: Staal (12th in ’05), Del Zotto (20th in ’08)

Outside: Redden (2nd in ’05 by NYI), Gaborik (3rd in ’00 by Min), Higgins (14th in ’02 by Mon), Boyle (26th in ’03 by LA)

Ottawa Senators

Inside: Phillips (1st in ’96), Volchenkov (21st in ’00), Spezza (2nd in ’01), Foligno (28th in ’06), Karlsson (15th in ’08)

Outside: Kovalev (15th in ’91 by NYR), Leclaire (8th in ’01 by CBJ), Michalek (6th in ’03 by SJ)

Philadelphia Flyers

Inside: Boucher (22nd in ’96), Gagne (22nd in ’98), Carter (11th in ’03), Richards (24th in ’03), Giroux (22nd in ’06), van Riemsdyk (2nd in ’07)

Outside: Pronger (2nd in ’92 by Har), Briere (24th in ’96 by Pho), Hartnell (6th in ’00 by Nas),  Coburn (8th in ’03 by Atl), Parent (18th in ’05 by Nas)

Phoenix Coyotes

Inside: Doan (7th in ’95), Hanzal (17th in ’05), Mueller (8th in ’06)

Outside: Jovanovski (1st in ’94 by Fla), Upshall (6th in ’02 by Nas), Korpikoski (14th in ’04 by NYR),

Pittsburgh Penguins

Inside: Orpik (18th in ’00), Fleury (1st in ’03), Malkin (2nd in ’04), Crosby (1st in ’05), Staal (2nd in ’06)

Outside: Guerin (5th in ’89 by NJ), Gonchar (14th in ’92 by Wash), McKee (14th in ’95 by Buf)

St. Louis Blues

Inside: Oshie (24th in ’05), Johnson (1st in ’06), Berglund (25th in ’06), Perron (26th in ’07), Pietrangelo (4th in ’08)

Outside: Sydor (7th in ’90 by LA), Tkachuk (19th in ’90 by Pho), Kariya (4th in ’93 by Ana), Brewer (5th in ’97 by NYI), Boyes (24th in ’00 by Tor), Colaiacovo (17th in ’01 by Tor), Steen (24th in ’02 by Tor)

San Jose Sharks

Inside: Marleau (2nd in ’97), Setoguchi (8th in ’05), Couture (9th in ’07)

Outside: Thornton (1st in ’97 by Bos), Malhotra (7th in ’98 by NYR), Heatley (2nd in ’00)

Tampa Bay Lightning

Inside: Lecavalier (1st in ’98), Stamkos (1st in ’08), Hedman (2nd in ’09)

Outside: Ohlund (13th in ’94 by Van), Tanguay (12th in ’98 by Col), Hale (22nd in ’00 by NJ), Krajicek (24th in ’01 by Fla), Meszaros (23rd in ’04 by Ott), Downie (29th in ’05 by Phi)

Toronto Maple Leafs

Inside: Tlusty (13th in ’06), Schenn (5th in ’08)

Outside: Primeau (17th in ’94 by Buf), Van Ryn (26th in ’98 by NJ), Komisarek (7th in ’01 by Mon), Kessel (5th in ’06 by Bos)

Vancouver Canucks

Inside: D. Sedin (2nd in ’99), H.Sedin (3rd in ’99), Kesler (23rd in ’03), Grabner (14th in ’06)

Outside: Luongo (4th in ’97 by NYI), Bernier (16th in ’03 by SJ)

Washington Capitals

Inside: Semin (13th in ’02), Gordon (17th in ’02), Fehr (18th in ’03), Ovechkin (1st in ’04), Green (29th in ’04), Backstrom (4th in ’06), Varlamov (23rd in ’06)

Outside: Steckel (30th in ’01 by LA)

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