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Why the fuck does Michael Rupp have eight goals already. He got a hat trick tonight. The only time he has had any real relevance in the hockey world was when he scored the Cup winning goal in 2003.

Uh oh!

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Alexander Ovechkin left tonight’s game with a knee injury when collided knee on knee with Tim Gleason. What is reaalllllly interesting with this is that Ovie was given a five minute major penalty AND a game misconduct. When Georges Laraque was suspended for five games after his knee on Niklas Kronwall, he was only given a two minute tripping call. Could we actually see Alexander Ovechkin get suspended? This certainly is not the first time he has kneed someone, and although he did not stick out his leg the way Laraque did, the NHL has always taken into account A) what the penalty on the play was and B) how long the player was injured. Tim Gleason left the game as well.

The AHL Impact

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Jason Demers’ demotion to the AHL falls into a very common trend that occurs to the majority of players who enter the League at a young age. After scoring 10 points in his first 15 games, Demers managed just 3 in his last 12. This kind of thing happens all of the time. A young player comes into the League on a tear and racks up a lot of points early and then boom, they hit a wall. Everyone always says this is because they are young and have not learned how to maintain success in the League, with its grueling schedule and physical play. I definitely agree with that; but I also think a lot has to do with other teams taking note and adjusting their defense to shut down these productive players. Continue reading

Howard back in tonight

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Jimmy Howard will be getting his second straight start for the Wings tonight. I really do not think he is their long term answer in net, or even for this season, but he is definitely worth picking up if he is still available in any pools. Osgood has struggled once again this season, which should give Howard closer to 40 starts. After a shakey start to the season, Howard is 5-2 in November (one of those losses being the game against Dallas where the Wings tying goal was disallowed), with a .912 save percentage.

Team Russia 2010

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I really need to get into the groove of writing some stuff on weekends. So much goes on…including Russian GM Vladislav Tretiak saying that half of the team will be composed of players from the KHL. With that in mind, here are my picks for Russia’s team in the 2010 Olympics: Continue reading

What To Do?

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The struggles of the Toronto Maple Leafs have left them in a very difficult position going forward this season. Through 23 games, they are 5-11-7, good for 17 points. So, let us think about this. Since the lockout, teams have needed roughly 93 points to make the playoffs in the East. That means the Leafs need 76 points in their next 59 games. They have currently been playing at a 0.73 pts/game pace so far. In order to reach 93 points, they need to play at a 1.28 pts/game pace. Do the calculations, and that means 38 wins over their next 59 games. If any of you Leafs fans think that is actually possible, come find me, we need to make some bets.

I can’t see Ron Wilson being fired for two reasons. The first is that he was brought in for the rebuild…..this is the rebuild! He and Brian Burke are very close friends who will be working together come February at the Olympics. The other reason is that when you look at this roster, you cannot really blame coaching when the team has such little skill on it.

If a car has a flat tire, and you change the driver of the car, you’re still stuck with a flat tire. Someone said that, and I like it. When you think about where the Leafs want to go in the future, I can’t really see any of these players, aside from Kessel, making up the core that they desire. Right now, they have a bunch of third and fourth line players, playing in much bigger roles than they are capable of.

Hagman has been good lately, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they deal him at the deadline for some youth. He is only 29 and under contract for two more seasons at a reasonable rate of $3 million, and he is really the only attractive piece that they have to offer. As I said earlier, it is not like they are one or two pieces away from contention; so deal him for a pick and a prospect. Hey, maybe he will score 40 goals and they can trade him to Boston for a 1st round’er.

Team Czech Republic 2010

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Ok, I said I was only going to do five teams, but after looking at what the Czechs have to offer, I am switching it to a preview of “the Big 6”: Continue reading

US Thanksgiving

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I wish I had today off…..and tomorrow. Three football games and a turkey would do me good today. The reason for the picture is that Kris Draper is having a full house meal today at his place: Bertuzzi with his family, Cleary with his family, along with Darren Helm, Justin Abdelkader and Patrick Eaves. What a nice guy.

Team Sweden 2010

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Here are my projections for the reigning gold medal winning Swedish team: Continue reading

Filatov Watch

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Last week I wrote an impassioned article on the coaching style and management of the Columbus Blue Jackets. I am going to do my best at staying up to date with how Russian prospect, Nikita Filatov is doing in the KHL. I have made a “Filatov Watch” section on the right hand column of this page. So far, he has four goals and 2 assists in three games.