The Saviour!

Tomorrow night could be the official arrival of the future of the Toronto Maple Leafs franchise, Phil Kessel. CBC has already reported that he IS in fact playing tomorrow night in Tampa Bay.

To say the pressure will be on Mr. Kessel is an understatement. The struggling Leafs traded their next two 1st round draft picks for this guy. Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely hated this deal from the start. For a team with very little offensive depth or potential (or proven prospects), and who historically have not been the best drafting team, trading away those picks borders insane. The unfolding of this saga is just fueling my thoughts that Brian Burke is extremely arrogant. But that is for another day…..

I think the Leafs are getting confused with the Providence Bruins (Boston’s AHL team). Not only did they just give Boston two first round picks (this year’s looks like it will be very high), they also gave them their goalie of the future, Tuukka Rask. And all of that to a division rival who they have to face six times per season. Go Leafs Go….

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