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I’m Back

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I wasn’t really away…just in a Christmas mode that made it pretty hectic to even think about writing something. I feel like today is a good day to jump back into it though. Not yet….but soon. Good time for Eric Staal to get five points though! They pick the team tomorrow, and I am now contemplating my choices of Richards, Stamkos, Doan and Smyth. I think Stamkos will be off, that pick was just me getting carried away with the hype. But I really believe that at least one of Doan or Smyth will be there. They are not picking a team of the highest scorers in the NHL, they are picking a team. Those are two teams guys that are invaluable in the locker room and on the ice, and they have major experience. We will see though.

Mason’s Turn

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Not much to say here except for that someone had better start winning for Columbus. It is Steve Mason’s turn to go in net tonight after Mathieu Garon got smoked by Phoenix. So this win and in philosophy, what if Columbus loses 1-0 tonight, but Mason stops 45? Would Hitch really go back to Garon?

Return to the Joe

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Marian Hossa makes his less than triumphant return to Joe Louis Arena tonight. I wonder if he will actually show up in the arena tonight, he was basically non-existent during the Wings’ playoff run last season. I would be a hypocrite to say that I am mad at Hossa for leaving Detroit, when two summers ago I was absolutely ecstatic that he left Pittsburgh for the Wings. I am disappointed that when they needed him most (ie. the four games Pavel Datsyuk missed in the Finals), Hossa did not perform. When the time comes for the 2010 playoffs, Chicago will learn exactly what Ottawa, Atlanta and Detroit did before them; Hossa chokes when the pressure is put on him.

Other than that, tonight will be another matchup of Chicago against Grand Rapids. The Hawks made the Wings look like a Bantam team on Sunday night; hopefully Detroit comes out with more of an effort tonight.

On a side note, doesn’t he look exactly like that guy who always plays a dick; Beetlejuice, Ed Wood and Sleepy Hollow.

Team Canada 2010 #2

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People always joke that Canada is capable of sending two competitive teams to international tournaments like the Olympics. Well f*ck the jokers, here are my picks if Canada were able to send another team in 2010: Continue reading

Retrospective Look: Red Wings 2002

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I contemplated doing a top 10 best teams of the decade, but after racking my brain and looking at all of the stats, there really is no need mention any other team besides the 2002 version of the Detroit Red Wings.  Continue reading

Yzerman on the Fan

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Steve Yzerman was just on Hockeycentral at noon and made two interesting statements regarding the Olympic team. Regarding Ryan Smyth he said, ” smyth’s injury has no bearing on whether we will pick him”. He also went on to say that he understands it is not a lingering issue for Smyth. This has to mean good things for Captain Canada.

When asked about how much he puts into how players are doing this year, Yzerman also noted that they take heavy notice in players have done in the past for Canada and in the playoffs, as well as looking at this season. When I made my picks, I had Smyth over Marleau; these statements have to give some volume to those thoughts. I also had Steven Stamkos on the team, but that was more a product of all of the hype around him. I still think he could have an edge over Jonathan Toews though.

Other Thoughts

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I guess I could have just done a “nightly thoughts” blog tonight, but oh well.

Congrats to Marty Brodeur on breaking the all-time shutouts record with his 104th against the Penguins. I was going to do a blog on what records I think are least likely to be broken, but I just saw TSN had a list. Obviously passing Gretzky’s¬†statistic totals are pretty unfathomable right now, nothing can touch Glenn Hall’s record of 502 consecutive game in goal.

What is with Dallas and empty net mix-ups. In only his second game this season, Ivan Vishnevskiy basically ended the game against the Stars. As the puck came back to him off a draw in the neutral, the puck came off of his stick and slid into the empty Stars’ net.

Vincent Lecavalier is quietly rounding back into form with another two point game tonight. He has 12 points in 11 games in December

So I guess Hitchcock’s threat of “win and you’re in” for the goalies is not working so well. They are losing 5-2 tonight with Mathieu Garon in net. Your turn Steve Mason. By the way, Columbus is 3-11-5 since Nikita Filatov left. Again, he had almost zero impact while he was there; I think it is just working out as a coincidence that they have been horrible since he left. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the team turned on Hitchcock because of his treatment of a potential star?

Speaking of struggling goalies, Devan Dubnyk is getting rocked in his first NHL game. It is currenly 6-2 St. Louis.

Stephen Weiss

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Speaking of hot streaks and the Flyers/Panthers game, how about Stephen Weiss!?! He has been on a absolute tear since mid November; 30 points in his last 22 games, including four tonight. Steven Stamkos was the early favorite to steal a spot on Team Canada; why has there been absolutely zero talk about Weiss? Likely because he is not only far removed from the centre of the hockey universe, but he is also long removed from being picked fourth overall in 2001. Good to see him finally living up to his billing.


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WTF is wrong with the Flyers. I thought they had everything to make a long run in the playoffs. Now they have only won two under a new coach and are sinking very fast in the ultra weak Eastern Conferene. I still think that they will make the playoffs though; too much talent to break this team up.

As mentioned before, the Panthers called up two fighters for tonight’s game. Just like last week against Pittsburgh, there were three fights in the first period tonight. Just like last week against Pittsburgh, it is resulting in absolutely nothing; the Flyers are down 4-0.

Nik Antrochuk

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I feel like playing the Maple Leafs sparked a fire under Nik Antropov’s ass. After not scoring in his first 17 games, and only two in his first 28, Antropov has racked up six goals over the past seven games. He is clearly flourishing in a system where he will never be looked at as the go-to-guy (as long as Kovalchuk) stays. He is also well on his way to setting a career high in points and assists. Atlanta by the way, has over 40 shots early in the 3rd period against Montreal. **CORRECTION** seven goals in seven games….he scored again tonight.