The Hossa Curse

Since Marian Hossa made his debut with the Chicago Blackhawks, they have went 3-3, beating teams like San Jose and Pitrsburgh, but losing to the like of Anaheim, LA and Nashville. Prior to his return, the Hawks had put together an six game winning streak. But a streak like that is bound to end in a League with such parity right?

Well actually, this could just be the beginning of the dreaded Marian Hossa curse. Hossa has been an elite player in the NHL for almost 10 seasons now, and he has been on some very, very…very good teams. He was part of the Ottawa Senators during their dominance of the regular season which climaxed with a seven game defeat at the hands of the New Jersey Devils in the 2003 Playoffs. In Atlanta, he only saw one playoff series in three seasons, which ended with a first round sweep by the Rangers. We all know what happened with Pittsburgh and Detroit, losing the Cup in six to Detroit as a member of Pittsburgh, then losing in seven to the Penguins as a member of the Wings.

I think it is safe to say that we all know Hossa has not been able to establish himself as the main guy on any team. Superstars are born when they are able to take the reigns of their team no matter who else is on it, and carry them to the next level. Marian Hossa has never been able to do that.  When he rose to star status in Ottawa, he still had Daniel Alfredsson to fall back on. In Atlanta, he was second fiddle to Ilya Kovalchuk on a team that did not have much else. In Pittsburgh and Detroit, he was probably the third or fourth best player on the team, but could not get them over the hunch. With the Wings in particular, he was probably on the best team he will ever play for, and was unable to help them defeat his former Penguins. In the four games that Pavel Datsyuk missed during the Finals last season, Hossa had zero goals. This was on a team that was relying heavily on Henrik Zetterberg and Johan Franzen as their main scorers. 

But now in Chicago, a team with so much youth and skill, he is the guy; the top winger, the superstar, the go-to-guy. Kane and Toews obviously have a brighter future than Hossa due to age, and they may even be better than him, but they do not have nearly the amount of experience that he does. If the game was on the line in Pittsburgh, they would look to Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin to get things going; Detroit had Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterberg and Nicklas Lidstrom to lead their troops when the times got tough. But when a goal is needed for the Blackhawks this season, all eyes will be on Marian Hossa to come through for the team, and they have about 62.8 million reasons to do so.

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