Halak vs Price Round 23224

I have not revisited this scenario for a while because trying to guess what is going through Bob Gainey’s mind is frustrating, but I can wait no longer. I have no idea why the Habs don’t let Halak play a string of games. I absolutely hate the ‘win and you’re in’ mentality. Just because a goalie loses, doesn’t mean that they did not play well and really shouldn’t be punished for it. Their last game was a 2-1 OTL to the Devils, one of the best teams in the League. Riddle me this Gainey, Jaroslav Halak has yet to play the next game after a loss; Carey Price has played 12!!!!!!!! If that is not flat out favoritism for your ‘future goalie’ over what is good for the team I don’t know what is. The stats please:

Price: 10-15-3, 915%, 2.67 GAA, 0 Shutouts

Halak: 12-6-1, 927%, 2.46 GAA, 2 Shutouts

I don’t get what is going  through their heads. How is a goalie supposed to develop if they are benched every time they lose, especially when they still play good. Oh wait I know why, Carey Price is the only goalie “developing” in Montreal.

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