Carey Pays the Price

Above is Cam Janssen absolutely running over Carey Price in last night’s game. He got a two minute roughing penalty on the play. I am a firm believer that if a goalie comes that far out of his crease or net area, then the player should not be held accountable if they run into each other. All Janssen is just trying to get the puck in deep when Price cuts him off and leaves him no option but to run into him. The only option Janssen might have at that point is to swerve out of the way of Price, but why the heck should he have to do that. Price is on the god damn side boards!! No where near his crease…and there is a defenseman right behind him who could have easily took Janssen out. If Janssen swerves out of the way when he realizes Price is there, all he is doing is risking a knee injury. I absolutely hated how Price got up and start to wail on Janssen right when he got him. This rule gives goalies such a false sense of entitlement that absolutely no one is allowed to touch them. If they are allowed to roam around the ice and play the puck just like a defenseman, then they should be subject to the same physical punishment.

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