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Oh God…

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I just didn’t get a chance to post this earlier…but oh my god does this fall by Thornton look extremely awkward and painful. Skip to 55 seconds for the best view….IF YOU”RE MAN ENOUGH

No Goal?

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So here is the winner from the Wings-Oilers game last night. JDD said that he was jumping to save the original shot, and he is 6’4″, so how wasn’t it high sticking. Well Jeff, basic physics says if a puck has an upward motion, it will get higher the further it goes. Since Stuart tipped it a few feet in front of the goalie, the height of the puck where it was tipped and the height it would have been had it made it to JDD is completely different. Stupid argument.

I’m not saying that it wasn’t a high stick, I think it fit into the category of “inconclusive evidence”, and since the ref called it a goal….well…Detroit has had their fair share of those go against them this year haven’t they?

Stupid YouTube

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How can I not find this save ANYWHERE!?! Not only that, it wasn’t even shown on TSN or Sportsnet this morning. Sportsnet I can understand…..but TSN…..come on. Anyways go to the 3:50 mark to see a save of the year candidate:

Imagine if both lines got it together for a game…

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Datsyuk’s line has pretty much stayed constant with him, Franzen and Homer. Zetterberg played one game with those wingers, but has seen most of the post Olympic action with Valtteri Filppula and Todd Bertuzzi. This is a pretty obvious trend.  

Mar 1 vs Avs: Datsyuk line-6 points, Z line-0 points
Mar 3 vs Van: Datsyuk line-2 points, Z line 4 points
Mar 5 vs Nas: Both lines had 3 points
Mar 7 vs Chi: Datsyuk line 1 point, Z line 7 points
Mar 9 vs Cal: Datyuk line 3 point, Z line 0 points
Mar 11 vs Min: Datsyuk line o points, Z-Homer-Franz-7 points
Mar 15 vs Cal: Datsyuk line 4 points, Z line 0 points
Mar 20 vs Van: Datsyuk line 1 point, Z line 6 points
Mar 22 vs Pit: Datysuk line 0 points, Z line 7 points
Mar 24 vs StL: Datsyuk line 0 points, Z line 7 points
Mar 26 vs Min: Datsyuk line 8 points, Z line 0 points
Mar 30 vs Edm: Datsyuk line 6 points, Z line 2 points

Hudler Returning Next Year?

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Who speaks Russian?

According to this report below, Jiri Hudler has left Dynamo and will be returning to the NHL next season….and by the NHL I mean Detroit:

Early Thoughts from the Night

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  • I knew Theodore wouldn’t last forever
  • Islanders continue to play spoilers…up 2-1 on the Rangers
  • Jonathan Bernier makes his second start of the season vs Nashville tonight
  • Atlanta is showing they actually care about making the playoffs after being dominated by the Canes last night
  • Please don’t make Boston and NJ play in round 1
  • Two of my predicted playoff teams faceoff in Tampa and Columbus
  • Go Wings! Huge save made by JDD on Franzen to keep it 2-0….then Miller scored to make it 3-0

Jackets’ Success

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The Columbus Blue Jackets have now played 18 games since the firing of head coach Ken Hitchcock, with the record of 9-5-4 over that span. Put that over an entire season and it looks like this: 41-23-18 for a grand total of 100 points. Obviously that actual point total without Hitch behind the bench is unlikely, but it just goes to show you that the team is definitely playing better and many players are flourishing without his stranglehold on the team.

Jakub Voracek: 18 games; 8g, 13a for 21 points

Antoine Vermette: 18 games; 7g, 12a for 19 points

RJ Umberger: 18 games; 3g, 11a for 14 points

Kristian Huselius: 15 games; 7g, 10a for 17 points

I hope these numbers give some encouragement to Nikita Filatov, otherwise I wouldnt be surprised to see him traded in the offseason.