Current Playoff Matches

Now, obviously a lot of the seeding can change, but I do believe these will be the 16 teams that makes the playoffs. In the East, the Bruins are just going to have to play competetive hockey for the rest of the way and they should be able to hold off the Rangers an co. New York is currently three points back, but Boston has a game in hand. Atlanta and Tampa are five and six back of the Bruins, and are going to need a big slide from the teams ahead of them in order to make it.

The West has a similar situation with Detroit and Calgary battling it out for the final playoff spot. A few weeks ago, Minnesota, St. Louis, Anaheim and Dallas were all right in the thick of things, but the hot play of the two teams mentioned above has left them all six to eight back.

Although it is unlikely, if the seeding do stay the same until the end, there are some very interesting matchups in the first round where I am not sure who I would take in a lot of them. For starters, Washington playing Boston is by far the easiest of the series, as I think the Caps would roll over them in five. It is kind of interesting how this worked out because at the beginning of the season I put money on both these teams winning their division; thought it was a sure bet. Stupid Bruins.

New Jersey and Philly would be pretty dependent on who is playing net for the Flyers, but either way they definitely have the firepower to pull off an upset against any of the top seeded teams in the East. It’s also a clash between Atlantic Division rivals.

Speaking of Division rivals, the Habs and Sabres would be another series where I wouldn’t hestitate to bet against the home team. I think Buffalo is pretty reliant on Ryan Miller; if he falters, look out. It doesn’t hurt that the Habs are just starting to roll with six straight wins.

If the Pens and Sens meet, it would be the third time in four seasons that they have met in the first round. The winner of the first two series went on to the Stanley Cup final.

In the West, a San Jose-Detroit first round matchup has the makings of what many thought would be the Conference Finals the past two seasons. The Sharks are slumping right now, so let’s just hope that lasts until the playoffs because the Wings are 3-1 against them this season.

Nashville could keep a close series with Chicago if the Hawks’ goalie woes continue. If they don’t then I can see this going similar to a Boston-Wash series

Now to the interesting ones. I have no clue who I would pick between Vancouver-LA and Phoenix-Colorado. Vancouver may be the sexy pick to win it all this year, but I definitely don’t think they want to be playing the Kings in round 1, a team that has shown progress very similar to the ’09 Hawks’ team that dummied Luongo in the second round last year.

Phoenix-Colorado would be great to see because of how far both teams have come in such a short time. It would also be pretty interesting to watch Peter Mueller and Wojtek Wolski fight it out in a seven game series.

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