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My Fantasy Transaction Review

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This is the stuff that saved my season big time, if you can call being in 6th being saved…… Continue reading


My Fantasy Draft Review

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So with just about two weeks left in the regular season, I figured it might be a good time to review my status in my annual 12 team Yahoo roto league. I currently sit in 6th with 61 points and look like I’m out of the reach of one of those little gold, silver or bronze Yahoo trophies that I cherish so much. I still could reach 4th which is where the money payouts end, but either way I have to consider this year a failure. It should be by far my worst finish in the five years that it has been run: 2nd in 2005, 4th in 2006, 3rd in 2007, 2nd in 2008. Continue reading

Live Blogging on a Saturday

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Well, I’m sick so I feel like just doing a live blog while I stay in and hockey. Here we go: Continue reading

Lucky It wasn’t close

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Ouch Jimmy! And it was on his birthday.

Since it was Nolan who scored, might as well show possibly one of the best goals I have ever seen. Nolan on Hasek in the ASG, in San Jose (who he played for at the time)….for a hat trick….Awesome


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Pascal Dupuis is quietly putting together a pretty decent goal total this year. His goal today gives him 18 on the year, and he could reach 20 for only the second time in his career. The numbers are an obvious result of his linemates, but the fact of the matter is that Pittsburgh desperately needs more than their big two rolling once the playoffs start. If they plan on getting past the Caps in the Conference Finals this year, they need guys like Dupuis, Kunitz, Guerin and Fedotenko to pick up the pace for their run.

Mind Boggling Loss

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There is something wrong with the Calgary Flames. Now six points down to the Detroit Red Wings, who have a game in hand at the moment, the Flames put up an absolute stinker against the Bruins, a team who is in a similar situation. Unlike the burnt out Flames, Boston has rallied around the fact that they have lost their best player, and need wins in order to hold off Atlanta. The Bruins scored on their first three powerplays on route to a 5-0 win.

I think it is pretty safe to say that 15 of the playoff teams are now set. Philly dropped to 8th with a loss to Pit today, and Atlanta is trailing them by four with eight games to go. Regardless of who makes it in the East, I think the West absolutely makes that Conference look terrible. If you match up seed vs seed from both Conferences, I’m not sure if I’d be confident picking any East team to win a series:

  • San Jose vs Washington – this would be the exception
  • Chicago vs Pittsburgh – Hawks depth would win out
  • Vancouver vs Buffalo – Olympic rematch in net
  • Phoenix vs New Jersey – NJ would be the sexy pick but Phoenix is on fire
  • Nashville vs Ottawa – Sens wouldn’t be in the playoffs in the West…they’re in 5th in the East
  • LA vs Montreal – ’93 rematch
  • Colorado vs Boston
  • Detroit vs Philly

Not Prepared for Games?

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Roberto Luongo has been pretty damn average since backing Team Canada to Olympic gold in Vancouver. The biggest reason for him being pulled three times in ten starts is his absolutely terrible first period stats that he has put up. In the ten games that he has played, Luongo’s save percentage has been .848% in the first period. Take away Detroit hammering 17 shots into him during Saturday’s 1st and it drops down to .813%.

Those are not the kind of numbers that the Canucks want if they want to be Canada’s first Stanley Cup champion since 1993. Luongo has made it pretty clear that he lacks confidence after giving up a lousy goal.

Here are the highlights from last year’s Game 6 vs the Blackhawks. In that game, the Nucks were up 1-0, 4-3 and 5-4, until Luuuuuuuuuuu allowed three goals in 3:17 in the 3rd period. Start the video at 5:15 and see it all unfold.¬†They lost 7-5.

Conveniently, for today’s edition of Hodgemail, Dave Hodge is asking “What is the No. 1 reason the Vancouver Canucks will, or will not, win the Stanley Cup?”