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Markov Left On Crutches

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Through John Shannon through Louis Jean….Andrei Markov left Mellon Arena on crutches….

**UPDATE** A Jiri Slegr jersey!!! That is a REAL Penguins’ fans, not all these girls who run around cheering for them because they think Crosby is hot.

F*ck You, Eagles, HP

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The first ten minutes of the game were fine, but the Wings fell asleep during that little 1:13 stretch and couldn’t come back from it. But how can you blame them? The played Game 7 of a grueling series just 48 hours earlier after spending two weeks traveling across the US while San Jose had to make the cakewalk to Colorado. While I’m the Wings would have said they preferred starting so quick, one more day would have been nice just to get that extra rest and get their gameplan down.  The real reason for this short turnaround is because the god damn Eagles are playing at the HP Pavilion Friday and Saturday night, leaving little choice as to when they could start Round 2.

Did the arena really have that little hope that SJ would get out of Round 1? Or was this the plan all along from Gary Bettman himself? Either way, Chi/Van, Bos/Phil and of course, Sidney, get a nice long break by starting on either Friday or Saturday.

Sharks may have won the game, but anyone who says they have exercised their playoff demons is forgetting the fact that they had a three goal lead, and the game ended 4-3. Five of the eight Game 1 winners in Round 1 lost their opening series (Ottawa, Nash, Buf, Pho, Col). I will be worried if the Wings lose Game 2, but they say you are never in trouble in a series until you lose at home.

Round 2 Predictions

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Round 2 begins just one day after Round 1 ended. I got six of the eight series right in Round 1, let’s see how Round 2 goes. I will throw up the Wings/Sharks series predictions first because they start tonight:

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Hart Trophy Predictions

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I think they come out today; who really knows any more, these should have all been announced pre-playoffs so the media’s attention could be focused else where. Now, this is who I think the NHL will nominate, not who I believe should be nominated:

  • Henrik Sedin
  • Sidney Crosby
  • Ryan Miller

Since the award is for the most valuable to your team, how can Ryan Miller not be the winner? Sidney Crosby should be a very close second because of the lack of secondary scoring on the Pens, and because Malkin had a down year yet Crosby still dominated more than ever. Henrik Sedin, well I peronsally think Ovechkin should be in there over him, I just can’t see the hockey writers leaving out the League’s leading scorer.

Assists are nice, but Ovie had 21 more goals than Sedin did, and I am a firm believer that goals are more important than assists. See with assists, you need someone else to help you complete the action of getting an assist. With a goal, especially an Ovechkin type goal, you can do it allllll by your self. Now that may be my opinion in lamence terms, but I would rather focus my thoughts on the playoffs….not god damn trophy winners.

**Update** Ryan Miller wasn’t even nominated. What a joke!! Caps were something like 7-2 without Ovechkin. If they had the best secondary scoring in the League, Vancouver had the second best. Sure Buffalo plays a defensive style, but Miller absolutely carried them all season.

Top 10 Secondary Players in Round 1

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Check out my first “Top 10” article for THW at the link below:

Wow #2

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Let me get this straight…the Boston Bruins, who barely made the playoffs in the dying days of the season, now have HOME ICE in Round 2. Are you joking me? Oh wait…it’s in the East? Oh ok that makes sense…..


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I can’t even say how shocked I am about this series. I was so so so sure that Washington would win, but down 3-1 the Habs Jaro Halak went on one of the biggest roles I have ever seen. Habs were outshot 42-16 in game 7, a billion more were blocked. Just unreal.

Normally something like this would be exciting, but really…who the fuck wants to see Boston vs Philly and Pittsburgh vs Montreal. Seriously, if Pittsburgh win the Cup again everyone knows it will be another notch on Crosby’s belt to the Hall of Fame. But really, their road this year will consist of Ottawa, Montreal, Bos/Phi and then some damn tired West who just spent a month and a half flying across the country beating the shit out of other teams.

From the outset of the season people were all over a Pittsburgh/Washington rematch in the playoffs. Thanks Montreal. Now I hate you even more. Butttttttttt Darren Pang just changed my mind. I was MIA when Ovie made the “Halak shaking” comment, but talk about coming back to bite you in the ass. Good job AO. Two straight playoffs. Two strong arguments in my eventual argumentative essay as to why Sidney Crosby is better than you.

Once I get over my anger, I’ll be back with my Round 2 predictions, as well as some other articles for The Hockey Writers.