Correction: I Can Take This

What a game that was tonight. For those who didn’t see it, it was literally 40 minutes of end to end actions after the first was over. That is probably the reason the Coyotes lost their game; their style is not the run and gun style. They got off their gameplan and were overmatched by the more talented Wings.

As I mentioned earlier, the score was 1-0 Phoenix and the two teams put up five goals in 3:58. Seriously, four of those five are highlight reel goals. I have all of those in a shortened clip.

You can add Abdelkader’s….

 and Doan’s to that highlight reel as well. What a game. Doan looks insane though. Paint half his face blue and give him a sword and he might as well have just sliced someone open in Braveheart. But I guess that happens when you just scored your second goal over the last 27 games.

Zetterberg ended up scoring the winner late in the third, then added an empty netter to complete the hat trick. In other news, I cannot believe how fast the people of the world upload stuff to YouTube. This game ended a little under two hours ago; I type in “5 goals April 16” on the search bar and it’s the first thing that comes up.

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