Calling the Other Alex….Soon

Lost in the midst of arguably the most intriguing series of round 1 so far is the disappearing act that Alexander Semin has been pulling. The Montreal-Washington first round matchup has pretty much seen it all through the first three games; smack talking off the ice, goalies being pulled, overtime thrillers, comebacks and upsets. All of these events are to be expected during the grueling first round, especially when it is an underdog trying to prove itself against the best team in the league.

The one thing this series hasn’t seen is an appearance from the other Capitals’ star named Alex, Alex Semin, who has put up a big, fat goose egg on the scoresheet through three games, although he has 16 shots. Semin is the third highest regular season scorer playing in this matchup, setting career highs for goals (40) and points (84). Over the course of the season, there were only two stretches where Semin was held pointless for three straight games; he scored two goals during the fourth game of both instances.

Some might say that he is not showing up when the Capitals need him most, but I have a different line of thinking. Now that the Theodore fiasco of games 1 & 2 is all over, I think the Caps will win out the series in five games. The thing with Semin is, like most other Russian players, he is a very streaky player. It must be in their genetic makeup or something. Semin finished off the season with 14 points in 11 games. Before that, he only had five points in nine games, and before THAT, he had 33 points in 21 games. Streaky? Yes, I think so.

If all of the current East series leaders go on to win, round 2 will be Washington vs Philly and Pittsburgh vs Boston. A matchup with the Flyers will mean Mike Richards will be all over Ovechkin; that would be a perfect time to breakout. Or if perhaps he goes on an extended slump like the “five points in nine games” one in mid-March, he would have all cylinders clicking for a Eastern Conference Finals clash with the Penguins. 

So with that said, the Caps’ second most lethal scorer going through a tiny slump against a weaker opponent is not necessarily a bad thing. The team is still winning, and the team is still scoring; why waste a perfectly good ‘Semin explosion’ when they’re already taking over the series.

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