The Trip…

This play was frustrating to watch. PK Subban was clearly tripped at the blue line, which allowed Talbot to break in and tie the game. You can actually see Fedotenko grab his leg on the replay.

It was even more frustrating when the Pens tied it like two minutes later.

It’s even more frustrating knowing that if Pittsburgh makes their third straight Finals, the Crosby Show will be out in full force more than it ever has, but every one will fail to mention that they faced three teams who wouldn’t have been in the playoffs had the been in the West. Parity?

7 Responses to “The Trip…”

  1. Duke Nukem Says:

    Can’t WAIT for the tsn Crosby circle jerk…

  2. If they make the finals, yea the teams they will have played wouldn’t have been in the playoffs if they were in the west……whats your point?

    They knocked out washington, buffalo and NJ, 3 teams that wouldve been in the playoffs in the west. The NHL can’t control which teams win in the first round so the “best” teams move on so that teams get the “hardest” road possible.

    For years Detriot was in the worst division in the NHL, nashville? st louis? columbus? LOL, they had like 20 free wins a year. it was a joke. stop complaining about parity.

  3. My point is it will be an easy road for the Penguins to the Cup, and if they win there will be an absolute gong show for Crosby

    I’m not saying the NHL can control it, I’m saying that they will go absolutely nuts if it happens but everyone will fail to mention the easy road. And it is an easier road. The Wings’ comment doesn’t even apply because they had success in the playoffs as well. I know there wasn’t parity in that division..but that was also 3 years ago. I’m writing about now.

    • There is no “Easy road” through the NHL playoffs.
      something like 3 of the last 5 years the presidents trophy winning team has gone down in the first round.

      Any team that makes the Stanley cup finals DESERVES to be there. You can’t ridicule a team (or a player) because they beat the team in front of them.

      And I know the non-parity was years ago, i was just bringing it up because your complaining about parity in the NHL, I was bringing up an example of a parity problem a couple years ago in the west, maybe in a couple years the East is the Strong Conference.

      And as for the crosby hating, I get it, the media is all over him all the time. But he is the youngest captain to win a cup, he’s got a gold medal, he probably wins the HART this year, along with the richard. He’s One of the best players in the NHL. Ovechkin gets tons of media too, theres just 2 differences : He hasn’t won anything, and hes not canadian.

  4. Sure technically it’s not an easy road….but it’s an easier road than the West…hands down.

  5. Way more travel + when you’re playing against better teams you obviously get more run down….so that generalization doesn’t work all of the time.

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