Here are the stat lines from three key players over the six game series:

Henrik Sedin: 2g, 4a

Daniel Sedin: 1g, 3a

Jonathan Toews: 4g, 7a

More after….

When your best players get shut down, and your secondary players don’t step up (Kesler, Burrows, Demitra), there is little chance for your team to win. All of the praise that the twins have garnered over the regular season goes out the window because they have once again failed to take their team to the next level. I know they were playing Chicago, but if you go back to Game 2, they had the series in their grasps and let it slip away.

After dominating Game 1, and getting an early 2-0 lead they had a rookie goalie on his heels and should have been able to put him away for good. I’m not saying this is just on the Sedins, but as the leaders of the team they bear a lot of the responsibility for letting this game get away.

In the three games in Vancouver, Luongo allowed a total of 16 goals and had a save percentage of .844%. He is going to be paid $10 million next season and he has yet to get past the second round of the playoffs. Also kicking in next year is Ryan Kesler’s six year, $5 million deal. The Sedins have four years left at $6.1 million each, per season. $27.2 million going to four players.

Kyle Wellwood deserves to be re-upped but may not be because they need to bring in Cody Hodgson. At least they will have Pavol Demitra’s $4 million off the books. They need to use that money to shore up their constantly injured defense. Seriously, was there a point this season when one of Mitchell, Salo and Bieksa weren’t hurt? Last season?

I can’t see there being big player changes, like Luongo being traded, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Vigneault was let go by the team. Four seasons with ultimately the same core of players, three second round losses.


One Response to “Canucks-Blackhawks”

  1. Malcolm Says:

    I think the real issue was that the Canucks have no defensive response to the top line of Chicago….The sedin line couldn’t do it and Vigneault wouldn’t put his grinders out there against them which had the sedins in their own end wasting energy defending instead of focusing on scoring. The Vancouver penalty kill was atrocious which just deflates a team, and once again the Sedins were being used on the PK, albeit sparingly, I think the real problem is that Chicago has the best group of grinders left in the playoffs, and after this year possibly the NHL. Niemi has also stepped up, proving he belongs in the Conference final, and thankfully knocking Huet into backup land!

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