Offers for Kaberle

Brian Burke was on Hockeycentral just after noon today and noted that they have received two packages for the always rumoured to be traded Tomas Kaberle. He described them as more than nibbles, which prompted him to talk to Dave Nonis about sending a memo to all of the teams describing how Kaberle’s no trade clause works.

I think Kaberle will be gone at the Draft this year. The question is whether it is going to for prospects or picks. I am sure Brian Burke would love to get back into the first round by moving Kaberle, but let’s face it, he is 32 and hasn’t cracked 60 points since 2005-06. That may change on a better team, but his defensive liabilities are still a cause for concern.

I read somewhere last week that Damien Cox thought the Leafs could be in talks with Columbus for the 4th overall pick. Ya Damien. That pick will probably be either Cam Fowler or Erik Gudbranson, both high level defensemen who are 10+ years younger than Kaberle. While the Blue Jackets do have a lot of forward prospects that the Leafs could use, I think everyone is pretty sure that Kaberle wants to stay in the Eastern Conference.

I am thinking the Rangers were one of the teams that sent an offer.


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