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Wings Will Pick Most Talented

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The Red Wings longtime draft philosophy has been to draft the best player available, regardless of their position. That philosophy will be in place later tonight when the Wings have the 21st pick in the first round of the 2010 NHL Entry Draft. It is their highest pick since the 2005 Lottery Draft, when they selected Jakub Kindl 19th overall.

Normally I can give a guess as to who they might pick, or at least what position; but after about the 7th overall pick, the prospects could go in any order. The field is that wide open.


2010 NHL Mock Draft

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I absolutely love the NHL Draft, but every single year, something comes up that makes me miss watching it live. Last year was a bit drawn out, but still; the intensity, the interaction between teams, the anticipation of who might get traded or which prospects will rise or fall, it is awesome! I don’t think I can last the weekend without finding out what happened, so there goes my idea of taping it and watching it Sunday when I’m home.

When doing this, I put heavy consideration into who was picking in what spot. Basically, if there is a trade for a first round pick….I’m fucked…. Continue reading

Blockbuster ish

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Wow. This offseason keeps getting better.

To Atlanta: Dustin Byfuglien, Ben Eager, Brent Sopel and Akim Aliu

To Chicago: 24th pick, 54th pick, Jeremy Morin and Marty Reasoner

Wow. Can you imagine Byfuglien and Kane together in a few years. Both those picks are NJ’s that came over in the Kovalchuk deal. The Hawks drop $5.3 million off their roster in losing Buff and Sopel’s contracts. Eager is a RFA, so he will have to be re-signed by Atlanta. They add on Reasoner’s $1.15 million for next season only.

Atlanta just got a lot meaner and Chicago’s wallets just got a lot lighter.

Flyer Fan Prank

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Girlfriend keeps turning off the TV while boyfriend is watching the Cup Final. Not sure which game….

Savard-Kessel Reunion?

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With the recent departure of Dennis Wideman, Boston has a big hole on their back end: powerplay quarterback. Their top four next year are currently look like this: Continue reading

NHL Awards Predictions

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I’m fed up with the NHL right now so I’m not wasting time with explanations that I have already given. They’re not on until tomorrow night, but here we go…one last time:

Continue reading

2010 HHOF Class

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I am pretty sure that the fact that they put in two women doesn’t negate their ability to put in four NHL players. With that said…….WTF.

I say ‘they’ because no one knows who the hell ‘they’ are. Supposedly it’s the players who are currently in the HHOF. If that’s so, Dino hasĀ been eligible for the Hall for nine years now. What has happened that finally made it time for the super-pest to get in. Especially over guys who are in their first year of eligibility like Nieuwendyk. Or guys who are in their second or third year but didn’t get in because of names like Yzerman, Hull, Leetch and Francis.