Triple Dion

The Leafs new captain has declared that anything but the playoffs this year will be deemed a disappointment.

Way to go Dion.

Not only do you already have enough pressure on you because Toronto is paying you $6.5 million next season when you only scored 32 points 81 games. And not only are you going to have an already immense amount of pressure because you have been thrust into the Toronto media spotlight as the first captain since the great Mats Sundin. But now you have set the bar very high for a team that just finished 29th in the entire league.

You can guarantee that Howard Berger will ask Dion about that comment when the Leafs are out of playoff contention in early April. This is exactly why he should not have been captain in the first place; too much pressure on an already pressured player who is playing in ‘the hockey capital of the world’.

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