Dobber Norris Division Draft

Well, I finally got into the Dobber Entry League in the Norris Divison. This is a three tiered pool in which you basically have to win your pool in order to move up to the next tier. Tier One is made up of one pool with various writers from the website. Tier Two has two pools while Tier Three is four different pools. The bottom two teams of Tier One drop are replaced by the two winners of the Tier Two pools; the bottom two teams in the two Tier two pools are replaced by the four winners of the pools in Tier Three! You are given the privelege of sticking around next year if you finish second in Tier Three, but any lower than that and you’re out!!

Here is a look at my team from the huge 25 player, 16 team draft that we had last night:

I also had a clear strategy going in at what I thought was 4th overall (I was one of the late adds), and I had hockey at 7pm last night so I was freaking out on the way home when I was getting emails saying that the order was wrong. I gave a friend of mine my plan for the first few rounds in case I missed it, but I ended up going 10th overall! Thank god I made it home for 8:45

1. (10) Ryan Miller

I wanted a goalie first round no matter what and Luongo was the only one that went before I had my pick so Miller it was. Weak division + no legitimate threat to steal games =

2. (21) Pekka Rinne

When I thought I had 4th pick, I definitely wanted two goalies first. Finding out I had this pick made that decision a lot harder. But seeing that most guys had taken two players with their first two picks, I knew I had to. Goalies that went between my 2nd and 3rd pick were Howard, Rask, Fleury, Hiller, Kipper, Halak, Ward, Quick, Turco, Anderson, Price…WOW.

3. (40) Pavel Dastyuk

Couldn’t believe he was still around at 40!! As a Wings’ fan, it made taking two goalies first and second all the more worthwhile. He is good for every category and the Wings should be among the offensive elite.

4. (51) Patrick Marleau

Ryan and Semin got taken right before me here. Wasn’t too pleased but I don’t see why Marleau can’t get 80 again. Will be playing him at LW allll season long. Would have taken Kopitar, but wanted a high ranked winger.

5. (70) Phil Kessel

Looks pretty damn good in preseason and I know he will take a ton of shots. Again, Spezza was available here..which really pained me to do. Kessel is streaky, but this isn’t H2H so as long as he gets 35-40 goals I will be happy.

6. (81) Shea Weber

Had Pronger in my sights but he was nabbed two picks before me. Felt like I had to get a top tiered D, or close to it. Hoping his totals go back up this year.

7. (100) Travis Zajac

Could be huggggge for my assists this year if that line sticks together. A lot of wingers were going at this point, but I stuck with my way of picking the best player available (IMO).

8. (111) Brian Rafalski

Im hoping I didn’t do this because of his 4 point night the other night. It was him or Yandle; which ironically was the same decision I had to make in my keeper draft in round 1 this year. I went with Yandle there, but I expect big things from Detroit’s three lines of offense this year.

9. (130) Brad Boyes

The Blues better breakout this year; I was sure of it last year when almost everyone on their team regressed. Will definitely have talented linemates and is good for 200 plus shots. Started to realize I have a lot of shooters….

10. (141) David Booth

Took a risk here because of his injury last season, but if healthy will be a huge steal IMO. 30 goals and 200+ shots is realistic. Could end up regreting it though with guys like Hudler, Voracek, Giroux still on the table.

11. (160) Matt Duchene

I had to keep checking my list to make sure this guy wasn’t taken before here. I couldn’t believe it so I had to do a search to make sure he wasn’t hurt or anything. There’s the justification for this pick taking so long. And at this point, I had two of every position so I thought it was ok to dip back into the centres.

12. (171) Dustin Brown

LA should compete for the division this year so I had to jump on Brown; I just wanted to feel apart of it.

13. (190) Ray Whitney

Will definitely help their powerplay and could be on a line with Doan or Wolski. LWs were pretty thin at this point and it was either taking a riskier pick like Kane or Leino, or going with 50 guaranteed points. I did the latter.

14. (201) Tom Gilbert

Big things from him this year. I can feel it. I know he was ranked pretty low, but I didn’t want to take any risk leaving him around. Ryan Whitney was taken right after him, so I can only imagine he would have went next had I not done it. Should be the top D on their PP and I got him at a time when second and third D were going.

15. (220) Tyler Bozak

I can’t believe I drafted Kessel AND Bozak. Im hoping for 60 with Bozak, but who knows what happens in Toronto. The top line today is on the third or fourth in November.

16. (231) Sheldon Souray

Hoping and praying he ends up somewhere because I really needed some PIM at this point. Now I really have a lot of shooters though. Wasn’t too many good options on D available at this point, although Wisniewski went like two picks after.

17. (250) Vaclav Prospal

At this point I had my 2 G, and then 4C, 3LW, 3RW, 4D. I immediately regreted this pick. Not because of his up-down-up tendencies, just because I know Frolov will get a longgggg look with Gaborik; Prospal will probably be lost in the mix. Again, not much available in terms of wingers…but I am still sour.

18. (261) Matt Carkner

Hoping to not finish last in PIM at this point, so I picked Carkner. Hopefully fights don’t continue to decrease.

19. (280) Derrick Brassard

I really wanted Brassard and I ended up taking him before I had 4 RWs or even 6 D….but I won’t care if he finally breaks out this season. I know Vermette will start with Nash, but hopefully Filatov-Brassard-Voracek sticks as line two.

20. (291) Dan Cleary

Surprisingly only my third Wing player. Playing with Hudler and Modano should definitely help his numbers, and the Wings are never afraid to switch around their wingers, so he should see time with Filppula’s line and Pav/Hank. Not bad for a 4th RW.

21. (310) Corey Schneider

Knew I wanted a third goalie at some point and I know the Canucks will probably play Luongo a bit less this year. The 8-2 loss the other night worried me but he played better last night.

22. (321) Kris Russell

Yahoo tells me he might make their first game after originally being expected to miss a month. But I now have 2 Leafs, 2 Jackets, an Oiler and a Panther.

23. (340) Niklas Hagman

Hagman coming off my bench is perfect because he is so streaky! I really don’t like Calgary, but now I hope he gets 25 again.

24. (351) Chris Neil

More PIM and my bench RW. Not really happy I took two PIM guys from one team (Neil and Carkner), but oh well.

25. (370) Matt Niskanen

Could be a huge steal in my opinion. Only competition for him is Robidas and Dallas’ top PP unit should be pretty lethal.

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