2010-11 Stanley Cup Pick

Didn’t do too bad by picking the Flyers to win last year. Although it wasn’t the way I expected them to get there (that’s right, I didn’t predict them to make the Playoffs on the last day, upset NJ and then come back from an 0-3 series deficit from Boston), they still ended up two wins away from Lord Stanley.

Are you ready for my prediction this year…….

West Finals: Vancouver over Detroit

East Finals: Washington over Philadelphia

Stanley Cup: VANCOUVER over Washington

Washington and Vancouver will come together for one of the most exciting and offensive Stanley Cup Finals in recent memory, possibly even overshadowing the 1994 series where they lost to the Rangers. Ovechkin and his Caps have to break through sometime don’t they? Well maybe they don’t, but a lot of people definitely would like to see them be able to. In the end, Vancouver is pretty much the exact same team as last year except for they have completely bolstered their blue line with the addition of Ballard and Hamhuis, and added some great depth players like Manny Malhotra and Raffi Torres. Those are championship moves right there. Not even the Blackhawks will be able to stop them if they meet in the Playoffs this year.


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