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Poor Edmonton

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The Oilers sure are having a tough November. Here are there last five games, including tonight’s versus Chicago:

L to Carolina 7-1
L to Detroit 6-2
L to NJ 4-3 (OT)
L to NYR 8-2
L to Chicago 3-0 (early in the 2nd period)


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The Canes absolutely lit up both Leclaire and Elliot tonight, beating them 7-1. Eric Staal had a hat trick and five points while Chad Larose managed two goals and two assists. Jussi Jokinen and Sergei Samsonov both had two assists each.

Jeff Skinner, the leading candidate for the Calder Trophy, was held pointless for the night with only one shot. An interesting note is that while Samsonov still holds the spot on the top unit and played 5:23 on it tonight, Skinner still played more for the game with 15:30.

And I was going to bet on the Sens tonight.

Halak’s Own Goal

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This goal is absolutely one of the craziest I have ever seen. Halak tries what has become almost a common move by a goaltender, to swat the puck in mid air out of harm’s way after save, but it backfires as it hits two points on his stick and ends up in the back of the net.

I can see the TSN Top 10 now….

The Wings were actually outplayed over the first two periods and outshot 24-17 over that span. Then the Wings scored four goals in just over three minutes in the third period.

$100 Million Shootout

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I don’t think it can get any worse for New Jersey……

Brian Burke = Fail

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Make that a major fail. The season isn’t even a quarter over, but it is pretty hard to make a case that the Leafs are going to make a push in the Playoffs right now. As a Leafs’ fan, why would you even want them to?

Where is the truculence? Nonexistent.

Where is the accountability? Ron Wilson blasting someone in the media does not make them accountable for their actions because there is absolutely no consequence! Who is going to replace the current lack of talent on the Leafs right now? They’ve already stated on multiple occasions that Kadri is not ready for NHL duty. Way to groom and build confidence in your best prospect who has 13 points in 13 games for the Marlies.

Where is any sign of promise in their younger players? Sure, they could compete for a Playoff spot in a few years with this core. But again, who wants that? These are all second or third line players being thrown in positions they are not ready for, and are not skilled enough to be in.

Brian Burke was supposed to come in and build a team that would compete for a Stanley Cup. He has almost been here for two years now, and all he has been able to do is completely turn over a roster and make it even worse than it was when he got here. Regardless of what he says, he wanted his own finger prints all over this team. That is why there are only five players left from the starting lineup the Leafs iced during Burke’s first game; Grabovski, Kaberle, Kulemin, Mitchell and Schenn.

For me, it all starts with one word when describing Burke; arrogance. Continue reading

Something Positive For Leafs’ Fan…

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If you can take anything positive from this recent stretch of one win in their last 10 games, it would be to remember what Conference they’re in.

Yes, a 4-0 start is very good, but one win in 10 games after should have dropped them a lot lower than 11th place in the Conference. They currently sit only two points out of 8th spot in the East, with only Pittsburgh and Atlanta in between them and the Rangers. And hey, last year through 14 games they only had two wins. This year they have five.

And hey, Jussi Rynnas got his first win last night for the Marlies, a 4-0 shutout.


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Jeff Skinner has been on absolute fire since being added to Eric Staal’s line. After a modest start for an 18 year old (1g, 3a in his first eight games), Skinner has 5g and 6a in his last seven games!

It’s interesting to see the production of players who play with Eric Staal pick up. Last year, it was Jussi Jokinen who benefited from playing with Staal. Ray Whitney’s resurgence in Carolina was also seen alongside the oldest Staal; now I think Phoenix is seeing that he may not be as good as they thought he was.

Some Thoughts on the NHL

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I know I’ve been slowing down here lately, but I am looking into doing some sort of a rebuild for this site right now. So here is a little insight to every team in the West. Continue reading

Downie is a nutbag

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….and I love it. How can I say I like Steve Downie, but hate David Perron for faking his injury last night? I never really had respect for Downie in the first place, so those kind of actions are expected from him. The good stuff starts about half way through the video.

Who would have thought there would be so much animosity between the Kings and Lightning? And just to drill this point into the ground even more, these two teams were 30th and 29th after the 2008 season. They drafted Stamkos and Doughty. Tampa sits at 7-2-3, while LA is tops in the League at 9-3-0. Maybe if Toronto had realized out of the lockout that they didn’t have the pieces to win, they could be in a similar situation right now. And the 40+ year rebuild continues.

Thornton on Perron

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I mean what is Thornton supposed to do here? Just let Perron skate by him with the puck? The problem starts with the suicide pass given to Perron right through the neutral zone. It puts Jumbo Joe in a position where he HAS to make the hit.

Major respect lost for Perron on this play too. He acts like he’s dead, and then doesn’t miss a shift. Oh yeah, he scored the winner too.