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OKL Trophy

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Leafs’ Drought Hits Six Years

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…..and that’s seven if you want to include the lockout.

How has it already been seven seasons since this happened against the Flyers?! I guess time flies when you suck. But the optimist would say that hope is on the horizon. They could have three 30 goal scorers since who knows when, they have seen their third/fourth stringer in camp come up and be phenomenal for over three months, and they have a ton of cap space.With that said, I still think they need a ton of work. Continue reading

$100 Million Shootout

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I don’t think it can get any worse for New Jersey……

Brian Burke = Fail

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Make that a major fail. The season isn’t even a quarter over, but it is pretty hard to make a case that the Leafs are going to make a push in the Playoffs right now. As a Leafs’ fan, why would you even want them to?

Where is the truculence? Nonexistent.

Where is the accountability? Ron Wilson blasting someone in the media does not make them accountable for their actions because there is absolutely no consequence! Who is going to replace the current lack of talent on the Leafs right now? They’ve already stated on multiple occasions that Kadri is not ready for NHL duty. Way to groom and build confidence in your best prospect who has 13 points in 13 games for the Marlies.

Where is any sign of promise in their younger players? Sure, they could compete for a Playoff spot in a few years with this core. But again, who wants that? These are all second or third line players being thrown in positions they are not ready for, and are not skilled enough to be in.

Brian Burke was supposed to come in and build a team that would compete for a Stanley Cup. He has almost been here for two years now, and all he has been able to do is completely turn over a roster and make it even worse than it was when he got here. Regardless of what he says, he wanted his own finger prints all over this team. That is why there are only five players left from the starting lineup the Leafs iced during Burke’s first game; Grabovski, Kaberle, Kulemin, Mitchell and Schenn.

For me, it all starts with one word when describing Burke; arrogance. Continue reading

Another Blindside Hit

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After the fine last night to Nick Foligno, here is Kris Letang blindsiding Blake Comeau in the Pens-Isles game tonight.

Wings-Avs Non Rivalry

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Pavel Datsyuk scored his 200th career NHL goal tonight, which was is 595th of his career. Datsyuk is playing in his 609th career game.

The Wings are currently being outplayed by the Avs, being outshot 21-10, but still hold a 3-1 lead with about five minutes to go in the second. Val Filppula’s pass to set up Franzen for the Wings’ third goal and his second of the night was absolutely beautiful. The continued improvement of the line will make the Wings dangerous all season long.

Update: Well, the Wings dominated the last five minutes of that period and after a fantastic cycling shift by Modano-Hudler-Cleary, a turnover led to a weak second goal for the Avs.

Great Goals From Day 1 & 2

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How about some of the highlight reel goals there have been already? I love the NHL. More to come all season long…

Easily one of the nicest goals I’ve ever seen, let alone the nicest first career NHL goal.