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Halak’s Own Goal

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This goal is absolutely one of the craziest I have ever seen. Halak tries what has become almost a common move by a goaltender, to swat the puck in mid air out of harm’s way after save, but it backfires as it hits two points on his stick and ends up in the back of the net.

I can see the TSN Top 10 now….

The Wings were actually outplayed over the first two periods and outshot 24-17 over that span. Then the Wings scored four goals in just over three minutes in the third period.

Thornton on Perron

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I mean what is Thornton supposed to do here? Just let Perron skate by him with the puck? The problem starts with the suicide pass given to Perron right through the neutral zone. It puts Jumbo Joe in a position where he HAS to make the hit.

Major respect lost for Perron on this play too. He acts like he’s dead, and then doesn’t miss a shift. Oh yeah, he scored the winner too.

Traverse City Prospect Tourney Update

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Ahhh, this is where it all began; the Traverse City Prospect Tournament. Since the Red Wings started this yearly tournament up in 1998, there has since been one set up in Penticton (with Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary, San Jose and Anaheim) and in Toronto (with the Leafs, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Ottawa). These mini tournaments give teams the chance to take a closer look at their system of prospects before the main training camp opens up next week.

In Traverse City this year are Detroit, Minnesota, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, NYR, Dallas, Carolina and Columbus. Games started last Saturday with each team playing three games before advancing to mini playoffs. The tournament concludes today with games at 2pm, 2:30pm, 5:30pm and 6pm, with the 2-0-1 Wings facing off against the 3-0 Wild in the finals.

Here are some notes from the tournament thus far:

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Steen’s New Home

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It looks like Alexander Steen has find a home with the up and coming St. Louis Blues. Earlier this summer, he signed a four year extension with the team; and he has recently been named an assistant captain. That speaks volumes of the Blues faith in Steen as their other A’s are David Backes and Erik Johnson, two players that are going to be key to their continued progression.

Steen was one of the lone bright spots on a team that was full of offensive disappointments, finishing with 47 points in 68 games, many of those coming in the second half of the season. While the Blues top six is crowded, it looks like he will probably fit in on the second line and should be able to produce with the number of talented wingers they have.

Hey good job Toronto. Lee Stempniak for Steen and Carlo. Great deal for the team.

Carey Pays the Price

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Above is Cam Janssen absolutely running over Carey Price in last night’s game. He got a two minute roughing penalty on the play. I am a firm believer that if a goalie comes that far out of his crease or net area, then the player should not be held accountable if they run into each other. All Janssen is just trying to get the puck in deep when Price cuts him off and leaves him no option but to run into him. The only option Janssen might have at that point is to swerve out of the way of Price, but why the heck should he have to do that. Price is on the god damn side boards!! No where near his crease…and there is a defenseman right behind him who could have easily took Janssen out. If Janssen swerves out of the way when he realizes Price is there, all he is doing is risking a knee injury. I absolutely hated how Price got up and start to wail on Janssen right when he got him. This rule gives goalies such a false sense of entitlement that absolutely no one is allowed to touch them. If they are allowed to roam around the ice and play the puck just like a defenseman, then they should be subject to the same physical punishment.

West Disappointments and Surprises

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Alright, here we go; my surprises and disappointments from the Western Conference: Continue reading