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Sabres-Flyers’ Final Minute

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I am not a fan of the three point game; I don’t like that it rewards a team for inevitably losing the game and creates an unnecessary insane logjam in the standings. But now I have a whole new reason for hating it. Buffalo and Philly were 3-3 with just over a minute left last night. About 10 minutes earlier, Pittsburgh had beaten the Islanders to jump ahead of the Flyers for the Atlantic Division by a single point. Buffalo needed just one point in order to clinch a playoff spot. So what did they decide to do….

Eastern Playoff Update

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With the Rangers`3-0 loss to Atlanta tonight, they have left themselves extremely vulnerable to being overtaken by Carolina this weekend.

Buffalo 80 41 35 92
NY Rangers 81 43 33 91
Carolina 80 39 33 89

If Carolina wins out against Atlanta and Tampa Bay this weekend, they will surpass the Rangers because they own the head to head tiebreaker against them. So technically, the Rangers could still beat New Jersey on Saturday and still miss the playoffs by a hair for the second year in row.

Buffalo just needs to win one of their final games to clinch a spot this year; shouldn`t be an issue as they face Columbus in their last game of the year.

A lot will be made more clear tomorrow after both Buffalo and Carolina play their 81st game.

Struggling Starters

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Just about two weeks into the NHL season now, and the most shocking thing to me has been the struggles that some of the league’s elite netminders have been facing early on. Below are arguably the three of the top ranked goalies in the League since the lockout and have been locks for Vezina consideration.

Ryan Miller

2009-10: 2.22 GAA, 0.929%
This year: 2.62 GAA, 0.910% (1-3-1)

Martin Brodeur

2009-10: 2.24 GAA, 0.916%
This year: 3.18 GAA, 0.890% (1-4-1)

Henrik Lundqvist

2009-10: 2.38 GAA, 0.921%
This year: 3.75 GAA, 0.890% (1-2-1)

Northeast Division Breakout Candidates

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Here they are for the dreaded Northeast Division, home of the 3-0 Toronto Maple Leafs:

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Of course I picked Pominville in two different pools…Hjalmarsson is looking at somewhere between 3 and 7 games right now.

TSN 30 Teams In 30 Days

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TSN’s 30 Teams In 30 Days by Scott Cullen has just hit a new low for me in announcing the Buffalo Sabres as number 9 on their pre season power rankings scale. Behind them are teams like Boston (10), Philadelphia (11), Pittsburgh (13) and Nashville (19). For starters, I think Philly and Boston will take their respective divisions with relative ease this year. The Sabres rode Ryan Miller for an entire season last year and you can’t expect him to have that good of a season again. While rookie Tyler Ennis will help, they once again did nothing to address their scoring needs. Offensive leader, Thomas Vanek, has seen his scoring go from 43-36-40-28 last season. I suspect that the Sabres will be one of those teams fighting for the 6th, 7th and 8th playoff spots along with the usual culprits of Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Tampa, Carolina and New York. If I had to guess how the top 8 would look it would be like this:

8. Phoenix
7. LA
6. NJ
5. San Jose
4. Chicago
3. Detroit
2. Vancouver
1. Washington

I will be doing my regular season and playoff predictions in the next few days.

Miller vs Rask

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I was really hoping the Sabres would pull out a win last night; this series has been absolutely fantastic and would love to see it go seven. A lot of times when two offensively challenged teams play each other, they resort to a defensive game where they are both waiting for the other team to make a mistake. In other words, it’s boring as hell.

This series, on the other hand, has been extremely physical with both sides leaving everything out their on the ice. Miller and Rask have been absolutely phenomenal. Miller has been there before, but you have to love Rask’s performance in his first playoff appearance. Sorry Leafs’ fans.

Game tied 2-2 midway through the 3rd

Game tied 2-2 late in 1st OT

With the skill and composure constantly growing for Rask, I wonder if the Bruins may try to move Tim Thomas during the offseason. Actually, I am sure they will try; the question will be whether anyone is willing to take his contract, $14 million over next three years. Would the Flyers be willing to give up one of their wingers for him? Briere? Hartnell?