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Poor Calgary

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Wow….I think I’ve had enough of this fear of overturning what the ref on the ice saw. Get the call right!!

Last week we saw the NHL make one of the worst calls at one of the most important times in a game between Calgary and Anaheim (start at 1:00 mark), this week the Flames are getting screwed in a game that they’re not even involved in.

Again, the best view comes at the 1:00 mark. I don’t get how this decision was not overturned by the league office. First of all, there is zero evidence showing that Hossa even touched the puck with his stick, which would it have happened, would negate the kicking motion. Secondly, there is zero evidence that the puck even crosses the line in this situation.

The Hawks were down 0-2 at that point, but rallied around this marker on route to a 4-3 OT win. That, combined with Anaheim’s big win over San Jose officially eliminated Calgary from playoff contention.

Datsyuk Highlight

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Scroll to the 1:00 mark and watch Datsyuk absolutely undress Mikael Backlund before feeding Lidstrom for a powerplay goal. Just sick…

More Proof: Sutter Sucks

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As if it wasn’t certain that Darryl Sutter’s time should be up in Calgary, Eric Duhatschek makes a great point about his recent decisions on Twitter.

If Sutter had just kept Jokinen and his expiring contract, it would have saved the $4 million over 4 years to make Kotalik go away

Kotalik was part of the deal that got rid of the stain named Olli Jokinen in Calgary. However, with Kotalik came his $3 million deal for the next two seasons. Jokinen is now an unrestricted free agent, so the Rangers are free of his contract. Kotalik’s best season came right after the lockout on the President’s Trophy winning Buffalo Sabres (25 g, 37 a). His other seasons (since 2002-03) have seen him with totals of 35, 26, 28, 43, 43 and 27 in his last year split between New York and Calgary.

Did Sutter really have to burden the Flames just to get rid of burden that he had already put on them a season before? He only played 45 games with the Rangers!! Why would a team give up on a player so easily if he had anything left in the tank?

Poor Jarome….

Iginla: Time to Point the Blame?

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       Every once and a while, along comes a player that immediately gets the respect and recognition as a great leader from his teammates, peers and the media. The past few that come to mind are guys like Steve Yzerman, Joe Sakic, Scott Stevens and Mark Messier. Most of the time, and in the case of the four just mentioned, that player is the captain of whatever team he is on. A player that I now often hear people say is a part of this class is Jarome Iginla.

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Olli Jokinen

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What a terrible turn it has been for Olli Jokinen. He was always questioned for his lack of leadership and integrity while in Florida, but there has been zero questioning while in the hockey hotbed of Calgary. It is pretty evident that he thrives in situations where there is no pressure and no scrutiny. He is a UFA this season, and I expect him to sign with an Eastern Conference team. He seems to be a perfect fit to get an over paying contract by Glen Sather and the Rangers. Or maybe he goes to Atlanta if they lose Kovalchuk. Either way, 27 points in 41 games for a $5.5 million player is not good enough. Since the lockout, he has went from 89 points, to 91, 71, 57, and on pace for 53 this season.