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Vinny Hates Price Too

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This goal can’t help the fact that Markov hates Price and Halak is stealing the job. Show some god damn emotion you robot:

Markov Hates Price

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Carey Price #31 of the Montreal Canadiens looks into his net to see the puck while teammate Andrei Markov #79 looks on during a preseason game at Scotiabank Place on September 19, 2009 in Ottawa, Canada.

I find this story a little strange considering they are saying it happened last Wednesday, but Andrei Markov did not have very kind words for Carey Price following the Habs OT loss to the Blues last week.

If you are not going to play with heart, stay home. We don’t need you here

Price started again tonight and lost 3-0 to the Lightning, making them just one point behind the Habs. For the thousandth time, Halak has been better than Price all season long…just play him.

Carey Pays the Price

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Above is Cam Janssen absolutely running over Carey Price in last night’s game. He got a two minute roughing penalty on the play. I am a firm believer that if a goalie comes that far out of his crease or net area, then the player should not be held accountable if they run into each other. All Janssen is just trying to get the puck in deep when Price cuts him off and leaves him no option but to run into him. The only option Janssen might have at that point is to swerve out of the way of Price, but why the heck should he have to do that. Price is on the god damn side boards!! No where near his crease…and there is a defenseman right behind him who could have easily took Janssen out. If Janssen swerves out of the way when he realizes Price is there, all he is doing is risking a knee injury. I absolutely hated how Price got up and start to wail on Janssen right when he got him. This rule gives goalies such a false sense of entitlement that absolutely no one is allowed to touch them. If they are allowed to roam around the ice and play the puck just like a defenseman, then they should be subject to the same physical punishment.

Halak vs Price Round 23224

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I have not revisited this scenario for a while because trying to guess what is going through Bob Gainey’s mind is frustrating, but I can wait no longer. I have no idea why the Habs don’t let Halak play a string of games. I absolutely hate the ‘win and you’re in’ mentality. Just because a goalie loses, doesn’t mean that they did not play well and really shouldn’t be punished for it. Their last game was a 2-1 OTL to the Devils, one of the best teams in the League. Riddle me this Gainey, Jaroslav Halak has yet to play the next game after a loss; Carey Price has played 12!!!!!!!! If that is not flat out favoritism for your ‘future goalie’ over what is good for the team I don’t know what is. The stats please:

Price: 10-15-3, 915%, 2.67 GAA, 0 Shutouts

Halak: 12-6-1, 927%, 2.46 GAA, 2 Shutouts

I don’t get what is going  through their heads. How is a goalie supposed to develop if they are benched every time they lose, especially when they still play good. Oh wait I know why, Carey Price is the only goalie “developing” in Montreal.

The Price is…..right

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Well if I am annoying enough to say “I told you so” regarding Brian Burke earlier, I have to man up and say I was dead wrong about my Carey Price writings a few weeks back. He has really turned around his game in the past two weeks. Not saying I still don’t disagree with how he was handled two years ago, just that he has proven me wrong with his recent play.


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So this is what the Montreal Canadiens are now doing to justify starting Carey Price? He will be starting once again tonight in Phoenix. I obviously know that their main issue right now is getting their offense going, one that brought in three highly paid free agents over the summer, but I also think some stability in net might do them some good.

Stubborn Gainey not surprising

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You can just tell that the Montreal Canadiens are dying for Carey Price to take a stranglehold over the starting goalie position for their team. You could tell when he broke into the League during the 2007-08 and forced Cristobal Huet out of town; and you could tell last season when he was outplayed by Jaroslav Halak down the stretch, but was still the team’s first choice. And once again, after his sixth loss of the season Tuesday night, Price will still be starting for the Habs when they face Boston tonight. Continue reading