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Eastern Playoff Update

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With the Rangers`3-0 loss to Atlanta tonight, they have left themselves extremely vulnerable to being overtaken by Carolina this weekend.

Buffalo 80 41 35 92
NY Rangers 81 43 33 91
Carolina 80 39 33 89

If Carolina wins out against Atlanta and Tampa Bay this weekend, they will surpass the Rangers because they own the head to head tiebreaker against them. So technically, the Rangers could still beat New Jersey on Saturday and still miss the playoffs by a hair for the second year in row.

Buffalo just needs to win one of their final games to clinch a spot this year; shouldn`t be an issue as they face Columbus in their last game of the year.

A lot will be made more clear tomorrow after both Buffalo and Carolina play their 81st game.

Thursday’s Scenarios

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With a rare quiet Thursday night in the NHL, here is a look at what things could look like come Friday morning in the playoff races.

– A Montreal win combined with a Rangers’ loss confirms that Montreal will either finish 6th or 7th in the Conference.

– A Rangers’ win means that they could still finish anywhere between 6th and 8th, but since Carolina has the tiebreaker with them, could still finish out of the playoffs.

– A Dallas overtime loss would clinch a playoff spot for Nashville and Phoenix.

– A Dallas regulation loss would clinch a playoff spot for the two above, as well as Anaheim and Chicago, because although Dallas would still only be four points back with two games remaining, they would not be able to catch their 45 and 43 wins. Thankfully, they play the Avs.


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Jeff Skinner has been on absolute fire since being added to Eric Staal’s line. After a modest start for an 18 year old (1g, 3a in his first eight games), Skinner has 5g and 6a in his last seven games!

It’s interesting to see the production of players who play with Eric Staal pick up. Last year, it was Jussi Jokinen who benefited from playing with Staal. Ray Whitney’s resurgence in Carolina was also seen alongside the oldest Staal; now I think Phoenix is seeing that he may not be as good as they thought he was.

Southeast Division Breakouts Candidates

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Next up are my breakouts for the Southeast Division in the East.

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Go Canes Go

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The Canes are now my official second favorite team for the rest of the season. They won their 7th straight tonight against the suddenly struggling Ottawa Senators, who have lost three of their last four. They are still seven points out because of wins by Atlanta and Boston, and could be as many as eight points back if Montreal upsets SJ tonight. But nonetheless, they have 19 games to catch up which is a ton of time in the East

Cardiac Canes Doing it Again

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Barring a friggin miracle, the Carolina Hurricanes will be torn apart before fans’ eyes before tomorrow’s 3 pm deadline. And while a lot of that has to do with the fact that they had an absolutely terrible start, and that no one seems to know what the heck is going on with Cam Ward, I just can’t help thinking that they have a shot at the playoffs. Obviously having Ward would be a huge boost, but looking over the next 20 games, they might not even need him.

After being as far as 20 points behind the 8th seed at points during the season, they have fought their way back to within seven points of the Boston Bruins, who have a game in hand. In the new year, the “Cardiac Canes” are 15-6-0, with seven of those wins coming on the road. That stat is pretty significant because in the 2009 part of the season, the Canes only won TWICE on the road….twice. Their first road win came on Decemeber 7 against Pittsburgh of all teams. They are also 8-2 in their last ten, second only to LA’s 8-1-1.

 The other reason that I think this is even remotely possible is because of the teams that are in front of them; Florida, NYI, Tampa, Atlanta and the Rangers. There are rumours floating that Vokoun’s days in Florida are over, Atlanta has lost their heart and soul in Kovalchuk, and Marian Gaborik is, well being Marian Gaborik, who the fuck knows when he is going to play. Other teams in front of them include Boston, Montreal, Philly, Buffalo and New Jersey. Here is a look at their schedule over the final 20 games:

  • 3 games
    • Washington, Atlanta
  • 2 games
    • Ottawa, Pittsburgh, Boston, Tampa Bay, Montreal
  • 1 game
    • Florida, Phoenix, Buffalo, New Jersey

Those are some very winable games against some weak and struggling opponents.

If I were Jim Rutherford, I would definitely be trying to rebuild on the fly and make moves like the Leafs did tonight; get a player that you can plug in your lineup right away, while doing anything too drastic. Ray Whitney is all but gone. Other possiblities to be moved are supposed offensive defenseman Joe Corvo, Aaron Ward, Scott Walker and once again, Erik Cole.

 This is a very winnable battle for the Canes, one in which I hope doesn’t go down the drain during tomorrow’s activities.

Finally 2nd Last..and moving up

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Well it took them pretty damn long, but the Carolina Hurricanes are finally officially out of last place. Their 5-1 win tonight put them 3 points ahead of the severely struggling Edmonton Oilers. Good news for Bruins’ fans, they are now only three points back of the Leafs with two games in hand. Eric Staal is has begun his yearly streak of awesomeness for the second half of the season, 21 points in his last 16 games, including 11 goals!

Set To Return

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It looks like Cam Ward will be returning to the net on Wednesday night when the Hurricanes face New Jersey. Ward has shown that he can be a top 5 goalie in the NHL, but he clearly needs his team to be better in front of him than they were to start the season. Any team with him in net and Eric Staal scoring goals has a chance to turn it around. Staal has six points in five games since returning from an injury, all of them assists.

This also puts the Canes in a tough situation regarding their other goalies. I assume that Manny Legace will probably be sent to Albany for the remainder of the season.

Fast Finish, Slow Start

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Everyone always talks about how the dreaded Stanley Cup hangover threatens the two teams that make it to the finals. But so far this season, there are two teams suffering from what I call the Hot Finish hangover. Continue reading