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Pacific Division Breakout Candidates

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A little bit later than expected but here I go starting off with the Pacific Division. Many of these players will range on how exactly I see them breaking out in 2010-11; some started their upswing last season, others are rookies, others are just chosen because a team’s future looks so unpromising that they were the only choice. Enjoy: Continue reading

Detroit Globetrotters

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Tomas Holmstrom #96 of the Detroit Red Wings celebrates with teammates Pavel Datsyuk #13, Nicklas Lidstrom #5 and Todd Bertuzzi #44 after Holmstrom scored a second period goal against the Phoenix Coyotes during the NHL game at Arena on January 2, 2010 in Glendale, Arizona.

A game where a team dominates from the outset normally goes one of two ways; either the team continues to dominate and steamrolls theirĀ  opposition, or the dominated team catches a lucky break which turns the tide in their favour. What is very rare is to see a team catch a lucky break and then continue to get absolutely dominated. That was the story of tonight’s game 7 between Detroit and Phoenix. Continue reading

Abdelkader In for Game 2

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The Wings find themselves in a very different situation then what they have been used to for the past few years, down a game going into game 2. Detroit had rang off an impressive nine straight Game 1 wins dating back to the 2007 seasons. Their last loss in Game 1 came in the Western Conference Semi Final series that year against San Jose; they went on to beat them in six.

Much like in Game 1 of the Sharks’ series a few years ago, the Wings were outmuscled and out-hit by the bigger and stronger Coyotes. With that said, the Wings are bringing in future power forward Justin Abdelkader to replace the flimsy Jason Williams, who had been stuck in a checking role since the return of Dan Cleary. Abdelkader finished the season with Grand Rapids registering 24 points in 33 games. Hopefully he can bring back some of that magic that saw him score two goals in the Finals last year.

It’s Already Begun

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As a Wings’ fan, I feel obligated to find an excuse for them losing other than the fact that the Coyotes took over the game after the first period. With that said, here is my excuse:

With Gary Bettman (basically the owner of Phoenix) in attendance, the refs were clearly paid off not to make this high sticking call on Lidstrom. With seven minutes to go, it would have given the Wings a four minute advantage over the Coyotes, with at least 25 seconds of that being 4 on 3. How four referees miss that play when the puck is right there is beyond me….

Kind of reminds me of Game 3 in the Finals last year when Pittsburgh cycled the puck in the Wings’ end with six guys on the ice for almost 25 seconds….no call…..two minutes later…..Wings’ penalty….1 minute later…..Penguins tied the game. Wings could have went up by two goals in the second period, in a series where they already had a 2-0 lead.

My Pick

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Well with all that said below, you might wonder who I want the Wings to play in the first round. The answer to that is pretty simple right now, but is also probably the least likely to happen;….. Continue reading

Quick Turnaround

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In the past 24 hours Peter Mueller has found out that he has been traded from Phoenix to Colorado, got out to the Avs game against the Ducks last night (in which he scored in), and now has to head back to Phoenix for a game against his former team tonight. That is a pretty quick turnaround to be facing your former teammates and brotherhood. Same deal goes for Wojtek Wolski, who went the other way in the Mueller deal.

Should be an interesting game.