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Game 7 Prediction

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Third Game 7 of the playoffs would like great in overtime: Continue reading


Sutton and Crosby Highlights

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Here is the big hit of the night; Andy Sutton absolutely levelling an unsuspecting Leopold. According to Bob McKenzie, there will be no suspension.

And yes yes I have to show this. A few minutes before, Crosby saved the puck from trickling across the line. Then…this working of Jason Spezza to set up the winner:


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Here is the clip of Steve Downie taking down Crosby early in yesterday’s game. I say taking down, but some may think Crosby was shot based on his reaction. No bullet holes were found.

2009-2010 50 Goal Club

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We are getting to the point where players are going to be cracking the prestigious 50 goal club very soon, and there are some interesting names who might make their first appearance this season. I am looking at average here so be warned:

The obvious is AO, who has an amazing 42 goals in 57 games for the Capitals. At that pace, he will end up with 55 goals in 75 games this season.

The first of the 50 goal virgins is the guy who pretty much can’t do anything wrong this year, Sidney Crosby. Coincidentally enough, he is also on pace to hit 55 goals as well, but I fully expect both to increase their pace with their natual attitude for competition with each other.

The second newbie who is on pace to break 50 for the first time in his career is breakout star Steven Stamkos, who is on pace for 51 goals!

After those three there is a group of the usual suspects who are currently on pace to reach just under the big mark. Patrick Marleau is on pace for a career high 49 goals. The fact that it is in a contract year is all the more convenient. Marian Gaborik’s recent injury has kind of put a stop in his chances, but he still should break 45 goals for the first time in his career. Dany Heatley, a two time 50 goal man is actually only on pace for 45 goals, something that many thought would be broken by now due to the fact that he has been playing with Joe Thornton all season. Finally, Ilya Kovalchuk has slowed his pace considerably since moving to New Jersey with only 3 goals in 9 games as a Devil. He is only pace for 45 goals as well.

Caps vs Pens Round 1

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Another great, high scoring game between the Caps and Penguins. I love how this rivalry has been created. It started with the obvious comparison between Ovechkin and Crosby. Coming in to the League, you knew these two would be compared to each other for their entire career. It was made even better right out of the gate when they battled their entire rookie season for the Calder Trophy. The past few seasons, and likely from now on, will be a battle for the scoring race and Hart Trophy. Last year, their rivalry climaxed in a thrilling seven game series, with a not so thrilling seventh game. The rivalry has been added to by fellow Russians Evgeni Malkin and Alex Semin, who have each taken a fair amount of shots at the opposing teams’ superstar. Now, both players are captains, both are on young powerhouse teams, and both seem to be in good, if not great shape for the future. And now we have the Olympics coming around the corner. WOW. One of these days, they will meet in the Conference Finals and it is going to be absolutely breathtaking.