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Eastern Conference Predictions

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Im going to start my predictions for the 2010-11 season with how I think the Eastern Conference will unfold. The East has been in a post-lockout slump, with the skill level and goaltending barely even comparing to the West, but that doesn’t mean things won’t be competitive for those final few spots once again: Continue reading

Wings @ Hawks for Banner Night

Posted in Hockey Blogs with tags , , , , , , , , on June 21, 2010 by davepoleck

Although the schedule is going to be fully released tomorrow, news about team’s home openers has been trickling out today. The Red Wings will head to Chicago on the night that they raise the Stanley Cup banner (clear the cobwebs) at the United Center.

Expect whichever Hawks are even around at that time to get a¬†quick reminder of the real Detroit Red Wings in that game. I’m sure it doesn’t sit well with many teams that they have to sit in their dressing room for close to half an hour while the other team celebrates on the ice, especially when that team is quickly becoming your new rival.