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Datsyuk Highlight

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Scroll to the 1:00 mark and watch Datsyuk absolutely undress Mikael Backlund before feeding Lidstrom for a powerplay goal. Just sick…


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Who would have thought the Wings would have a season opener that is very nasty. Detroit is absolutely dominating Anaheim tonight, in all aspects of the game, and the Ducks have basically just decided to start fighting. Multiple after the whistle scrums and even a few fights; Brad Stuart went at it with Sheldon Brookbank and ….wait for it…..Pavel Datsyuk fought Corey Perry!!! Datsyuk actually held his own in the scrap, getting in multiple shots on that little bitch. Who tries to fight Datsyuk?

Will have the video up once it comes online…

Another Datsyukian Deke

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I guess people are now taking note that Pavel Datsyuk knows how to deke. The video is of Claude Giroux in the shootout against the Leafs last night and he pulls the a very similar move to the classic that Datsyuk has used only a few times.

Giguere looked absolutely awful in the shootout, although it shouldn’t have even happened because the Leafs scored in the overtime period but the play was ruled no goal and the puck was dropped before any further review. I love how Greg Millen was so adamant about the Leafs holding up play to review the goal; relax, it’s pre-season. I hate Greg Millen and his biased ways.

Nonetheless, nothing beats the original….

Datsyukian Duchene

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There is a little bit of Pavel Datsyuk in Matt Duchene, shown here pulling off probably the best Datsyukian Deke known to mankind in the Av’s intra-squad game earlier this week.

The Penalty Shot

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Nothing beats a penalty shot in the playoffs, except when it shouldn’t even have been a penalty shot in the first place. I think anybody who watches the play and knows the rules can see that the puck was not covered in the crease, just pushed toward Nabokov by the glove of “from the corner sniper” Logan Couture.

I don’t like when bad calls are made in Detroit’s favour because it will deter if there is a positive outcome for the team. So I was already cringing when the call was made. I was cringing even more when Babcock chose Henrik Zetterberg to take the shot. Hank was a miserable 2 for 11 on shootouts this season.

In late season matches that went the distance, he wasn’t even used! Bertuzzi on the other hand had been playing a determined game almost all series and had a 4 for 8 record in the shootout. Zetterberg should have scored either way because he clearly had Nabby on the glove side, but gave it right to him.

History Will Be Made…

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Wow…less than a day later I see a commercial of this…I really hope the NHL keeps these up throughout the playoffs.

Selke Predictions

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Since I missed predicting the three nominees before they were announced (lots of people thought Toews would be in there), I’ll just go ahead and give my prediction for the winner this year. Continue reading

Correction: I Can Take This

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What a game that was tonight. For those who didn’t see it, it was literally 40 minutes of end to end actions after the first was over. That is probably the reason the Coyotes lost their game; their style is not the run and gun style. They got off their gameplan and were overmatched by the more talented Wings.

As I mentioned earlier, the score was 1-0 Phoenix and the two teams put up five goals in 3:58. Seriously, four of those five are highlight reel goals. I have all of those in a shortened clip.

You can add Abdelkader’s….

 and Doan’s to that highlight reel as well. What a game. Doan looks insane though. Paint half his face blue and give him a sword and he might as well have just sliced someone open in Braveheart. But I guess that happens when you just scored your second goal over the last 27 games.

Zetterberg ended up scoring the winner late in the third, then added an empty netter to complete the hat trick. In other news, I cannot believe how fast the people of the world upload stuff to YouTube. This game ended a little under two hours ago; I type in “5 goals April 16” on the search bar and it’s the first thing that comes up.

Takeaway King

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 I mentioned the other day how awesome Pavel Datsyuk after a beauty goal as a result of a takeaway in a game against Nashville. Well yesterday he did a similar thing to Patrick Kane as he outmuscled him at the Detroit blue line, stole the puck with 8 seconds left and went down to score what would be the eventual game winner against Chicago. I don’t know what goes in to calculating the Selke Award for best defensive forward, but take a look at the takeaway leaders in the NHL:

  1. Datsyuk 100
  2. Kesler     67
  3. Streit       64
  4. Alfie         62
  5. Okposo   61

He had 89 in 81 games last season, 100 in 63 games this season…..unreal.


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Another great thing about this best on best tournament is some of the individual matchups of current NHL teammates that we will be able to see. I cannot even imagine the intensity. For many of these situations, these players are more than just teammates during the season. They are like brothers; they play together, room together, eat together, win and lose together. Then all of a sudden, for a two week period right in the middle of their brotherhood’s united push for the playoffs, they are ripped off of their teams and put right up against the guys that they play with all year round.

On top of personal gratification and the egotisical joy that one player would get from beating his NHL teammate, they are also fighting for their own country and all of the fans watching at home. Talk about added pressure. This intensity and competition is the kind of stuff that could alter their friendships. Although the Wings did go on to win the Cup in 2002, that must been pretty damn tough for Brett Hull and Chris Chelios to lose to their fellow Red Wings on American soil.

Obviously, some of these will not materialize due to the round robin format, but they are still fun to think about: Continue reading