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$100 Million Shootout

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I don’t think it can get any worse for New Jersey……

Kovalchuk for….

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I still don’t get where this picture came from.

The NHL announced tonight that they will be fining the New Jersey Devils $3 million and forcing them to forfeit their 3rd round draft pick in 2011 and a first round pick in one of the next four drafts as punishment for circumventing the league’s salary cap on the original deal to Ilya Kovalchuk.

According to TSN, the Devils get to pick which year they want to give up their pick, and have to notify the League the day following the conclusion of the Stanley Cup Finals of that particular year.

There had been bad deals before this one; Hossa, Pronger and Savard come into mind; but Kovalchuk’s original 17 year deal was an absolute joke. The chances of Kovalchuk playing well into his 40’s are about as good as Toronto winning the Cup. While I obviously disagree with what they did, I think the penalty is pretty damn harsh considering these other teams have been charged with nothing to date.

Take this into consideration; with this fine, in order trade for and to keep Kovalchuk this season, the Devils have now given up:

  •  Niclas Bergfors
  • Johnny Oduya
  • prospect Patrice Cormier
  • 1st & 2nd round pick in 2010
  • $3 million fine
  • another 1st round pick
  • 3rd round pick in 2011
  • AND they are now likely going to have to dump a contract in order to fit under the cap.

All for a guy who has only won one playoff game.

Last In, First Out

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Ahh good old LIFO from stupid accounting. I hated that concept. Almost as much as I hated how the Philadelphia Flyers performed all season long.

I have made it clear many times that they were my pick to win the Stanley Cup at the beginning of the year. What wasn’t to like? Arguably the best top 8 forwards in the League, which had a mix of vets and rookies, scoring and sandpaper; they added Ray Emery who seemed to have a new lease on life, and brought in veterans leaders Ian Laperriere and Chris Pronger. Continue reading

New Jersey Jam Needed

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According to people with more knowledge than me, a jar of jam was broken on the Devils’ locker room walls when Lou Lamoriello broke into his team’s room after their Game 4 loss on Tuesday. The team has lacked pretty much everything since acquiring Ilya Kovalchuk. He completely disengages the style that has made the New Jersey Devils so successful over the past decade and a half.

In this series, they have only scored three even strength goals in the first four games! Tonight is no different, missing on two powerplay opportunities in the first period. You would think that with no Gagne or Carter in the Flyers’ lineup, the Devils would be able to overcome their season long woes with Philly….but it’s now 2-0 Philly with over half the game played.

I know Lou has a history of firing coaches at weird times during the season, but I’ll bet he is wishing he could fire Jacques Lemaire mid-game tonight.

(Almost) Great Rush by Kovalchuk

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Could have had the goal of the playoffs on night 1….