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Downie is a nutbag

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….and I love it. How can I say I like Steve Downie, but hate David Perron for faking his injury last night? I never really had respect for Downie in the first place, so those kind of actions are expected from him. The good stuff starts about half way through the video.

Who would have thought there would be so much animosity between the Kings and Lightning? And just to drill this point into the ground even more, these two teams were 30th and 29th after the 2008 season. They drafted Stamkos and Doughty. Tampa sits at 7-2-3, while LA is tops in the League at 9-3-0. Maybe if Toronto had realized out of the lockout that they didn’t have the pieces to win, they could be in a similar situation right now. And the 40+ year rebuild continues.

Edler on Doughty

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If the Kings could have stolen a win in the game dominated by the Canucks last night, that would have been a huge momentum boost. Instead they are probably pretty deflated and I can’t really see them pushing it to the seven games I predicted. But then again…stranger things have happened (like six of the first eight games being upsets).

And then this hit; he left his feet plus an elbow to the head. Richardson didn’t turn his back when the hit was coming, he was playing the puck along the boards.