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East Is Set

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2010-11 Stanley Cup Pick

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Didn’t do too bad by picking the Flyers to win last year. Although it wasn’t the way I expected them to get there (that’s right, I didn’t predict them to make the Playoffs on the last day, upset NJ and then come back from an 0-3 series deficit from Boston), they still ended up two wins away from Lord Stanley.

Are you ready for my prediction this year……. Continue reading

Eastern Conference Predictions

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Im going to start my predictions for the 2010-11 season with how I think the Eastern Conference will unfold. The East has been in a post-lockout slump, with the skill level and goaltending barely even comparing to the West, but that doesn’t mean things won’t be competitive for those final few spots once again: Continue reading

No Superstitions for Flyers

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This gives me the feeling that the Flyers feel like they have nothing to lose. They also know that they are the clear underdogs in this series, so why not play around with something as stupid as not touching the Campbell or Wales Trophy. Chris Pronger said on the Fan yesterday that he told Richards to “do whatever he wants” when he accepts the Trophy, they both know that something like touching a trophy is not going to affect whether they win the Cup.

Game 4 Highlights

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Here is why a lot of people think Claude Giroux has 90 point potential:

And how about Ville Leino, who now has 12 points in his last 12 games. He snuck behind Subban here and made the Montreal D look pretty bad. Beauty pass by Pronger too.

East Playoff Predictions

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Here are my predictions for the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals: Continue reading

Updated Confusion

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With the Rangers’ beating of the Leafs tonight, they make the Eastern playoff race even more confusing. Here is how the bottom of the Conference looks:

  • Montreal 87 points; 2 games remaining
  • Philadelphia 86 points; 2 games remaining
  • Boston 85 point; 3 games remaining


  • NYR 84 points; 2 games remaining

The Rangers and Flyers play a home and home this weekend in what looks like it should decide the 16th team to make the NHL playoffs.

The Bruins finish the season against Buffalo, Carolina and Washington….that is not an easy schedule.

The Habs are in the best position, and have the easiest schedule with Carolina and Toronto on Saturday.