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Yaaaa Florida…

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Michael Grabner has been claimed by the New York Islanders.

I was pretty surprised hearing over the weekend that Florida had waived prospect Michael Grabner; this was a former 1st round pick who has a lot of skill and while he definitely didn`t meet expectations in training camp, he is a former 1st round pick who has a lot of skill!! I know the Panthers got a first round pick along with Grabner in the Ballard trade, but don`t you think they would do their research before acquiring Grabner. Now they have lost a former 14th overall pick for nothing to a team that they will fight it out for bottom in the NHL with.

Grabner to Long Island is very intriguing because the recent injury to Kyle Okposo leaves a pretty big spot in their top six on the right side. If Grabner could find some chemistry with John Tavares early, it could be a huge breakout year for him.

Other notable waived players:

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Southeast Division Breakouts Candidates

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Next up are my breakouts for the Southeast Division in the East.

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NHL Goalie Landscape: Part 1-Trades

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As if the fact that the two goalies in the Cup Final made a combined $1.4 million last year didn’t worry GMs enough about their money allocation in goal, over half of the teams in the League have some big time decisions to make about who will be guarding the crease for their team in 2010-11. Continue reading

Horton Rumours Begin

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Head over to THW to see possibly my biggest article ever; discussing Nathan Horton and the potential destinations that I think he could end up before next Friday’s draft.

Panthers’ Draft Mistakes

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When looking at team’s draft history, it is always fun to say things like “the Toronto Maple Leafs selected Antropov 10th overall in 1998, Pavel Datsyuk went 171st”; but that is not just realistic. The rankings that are produced on a monthly basis are there for a reason, and you rarely see players being picked “out of turn”. Obviously the 5th or 6th┬áranked guy can go ahead of the 4th ranked, but you would rarely see the 15th ranked move into the top five. Once the first round is over, anything goes.

With that said, I took a look at some of the REALISTIC changes the Panthers could have made at the draft table that would be put them in a better position then they are today. Remember, hindsight is 20-20 : Continue reading

“Rustyed” in Florida

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Well…the Florida Panthers have suffered yet another year of disappointment with a very similar core. In recent years, they have had to unload big name players like Roberto Luongo, Olli Jokinen and Jay Bouwmeester, and rumours are that Tomas Vokoun is going to be the next to leave town this summer.

It seems like their core is a bunch of young guys who every year are part of the “potential breakouts” list, but are never able to breakout. Now the time might be up for the guys who have been around for a few years and have been unable to take it to the next level; Stephen Weiss, Nathan Horton and Rostislav Olesz.

The blame for the continuous struggles of the Florida Panthers can be directed squarely at their early picks in the NHL draft the past few seasons. From 2001-2007, here are their ranks in the first round: 4th, 3rd, 3rd, 7th, 20th (lockout year), 10th and 10th. Weiss and Horton have at least shown some spurts of promise, but “Rusty” Olesz is the one I’m worried about. Continue reading

Ballard Strikes Again

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Ouch……don’t forget this whack on the head of Vokoun. Now I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if he gets traded: