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Datsyukian Deke

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Pavel Datsyuk put on a legendary performance during today’s afternoon Game 2 against Phoenix. With Henrik Zetterberg out of the lineup and Johan Franzen injured early in the first, Datsyuk literally took control of the game. His first period was capped off by the play above on definite Norris Trophy nominee, Keith Yandle. He could have easily had six or seven points by mid way through the second period if some of the Wings could have capitalized.

Here are his stats from this amazing effort:

1 Goal
3 Assists
+ 2
3 Blocked Shots
3 Takeaways
16-4 on Faceoffs
21:42 TOI (including 1:19 on the PK)

Stompy Stompy

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Bobby Ryan has a hearing with the league for this stomp on Jonathan Blum in last night’s game. It will be interesting to see how the league deals with Ryan, a first time offender, considering the heavy suspensions handed down for stomping incidents in the past.

Back when multiple offender Chris Pronger was public enemy number one and Ryan Kesler was a blossoming third line player, Pronger sort of tried to take his leg off. He received 8 games for this.

Multiple, multiple….multiple time offender Chris Simon also had a stomping incident a few month prior to Pronger’s, where he attached Jarkko Ruutu. Simon was given 30 games for that one.

Considering the difference in the two suspension lengths above, you can see how the league likes to deal with its’ talent differently. Although Pronger had been suspended seven times prior to this incident, he was given significantly less than Simon, the goon.

I definitely think Ryan will be suspended, but because of his star status, that he’s a first time offender and the fact that it’s playoffs, I can’t see it being more than three games. But nothing would surprise me in the playoffs when it comes to suspensions (see 2007 playoffs and Chris Pronger).

Eager vs Pronger

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Ohhhh now I remember why I hate Chris Pronger.

For the second straight game, Chris Pronger retrieved the game puck when the buzzer sounded and the Blackhawks celebrated. When he was approached, Pronger shot a towel at Eager. Seems like childish games right? How about these retorts to the press in the post-game.

When asked about the towel incident, Pronger said “I don’t know, did I?,” answered Pronger. “Wow. You’re intuitive. Good for you. Next.” Jerk

Where was the game puck?  “It’s in the garbage,” Pronger replied. “Where it belongs.” Dick

About Eager’s response: “I don’t know. Apparently, it got him upset. So I guess it worked, didn’t it? It’s too bad. I guess little things amuse little minds.”

Pronger has actually grown on me a little bit this season, mainly for his always amusing interviews that he gives on the FAN where he spends most of the time making fun of the interviewers than actually answering questions. He is still a prick though.

You can bet that regardless of who wins Game 3 tonight, there is going to be a mad dash for the game puck at the buzzer.

A Different Kind of Hat Trick

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Just like the name of the video says, this is a different kind of hat trick by Sidney Crosby. The goal was alright, but the save along the line and the setup for the winner are just going to add to his legend.

Correction: I Can Take This

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What a game that was tonight. For those who didn’t see it, it was literally 40 minutes of end to end actions after the first was over. That is probably the reason the Coyotes lost their game; their style is not the run and gun style. They got off their gameplan and were overmatched by the more talented Wings.

As I mentioned earlier, the score was 1-0 Phoenix and the two teams put up five goals in 3:58. Seriously, four of those five are highlight reel goals. I have all of those in a shortened clip.

You can add Abdelkader’s….

 and Doan’s to that highlight reel as well. What a game. Doan looks insane though. Paint half his face blue and give him a sword and he might as well have just sliced someone open in Braveheart. But I guess that happens when you just scored your second goal over the last 27 games.

Zetterberg ended up scoring the winner late in the third, then added an empty netter to complete the hat trick. In other news, I cannot believe how fast the people of the world upload stuff to YouTube. This game ended a little under two hours ago; I type in “5 goals April 16” on the search bar and it’s the first thing that comes up.

Sutton and Crosby Highlights

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Here is the big hit of the night; Andy Sutton absolutely levelling an unsuspecting Leopold. According to Bob McKenzie, there will be no suspension.

And yes yes I have to show this. A few minutes before, Crosby saved the puck from trickling across the line. Then…this working of Jason Spezza to set up the winner:

Abdelkader In for Game 2

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The Wings find themselves in a very different situation then what they have been used to for the past few years, down a game going into game 2. Detroit had rang off an impressive nine straight Game 1 wins dating back to the 2007 seasons. Their last loss in Game 1 came in the Western Conference Semi Final series that year against San Jose; they went on to beat them in six.

Much like in Game 1 of the Sharks’ series a few years ago, the Wings were outmuscled and out-hit by the bigger and stronger Coyotes. With that said, the Wings are bringing in future power forward Justin Abdelkader to replace the flimsy Jason Williams, who had been stuck in a checking role since the return of Dan Cleary. Abdelkader finished the season with Grand Rapids registering 24 points in 33 games. Hopefully he can bring back some of that magic that saw him score two goals in the Finals last year.