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The Penalty Shot

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Nothing beats a penalty shot in the playoffs, except when it shouldn’t even have been a penalty shot in the first place. I think anybody who watches the play and knows the rules can see that the puck was not covered in the crease, just pushed toward Nabokov by the glove of “from the corner sniper” Logan Couture.

I don’t like when bad calls are made in Detroit’s favour because it will deter if there is a positive outcome for the team. So I was already cringing when the call was made. I was cringing even more when Babcock chose Henrik Zetterberg to take the shot. Hank was a miserable 2 for 11 on shootouts this season.

In late season matches that went the distance, he wasn’t even used! Bertuzzi on the other hand had been playing a determined game almost all series and had a 4 for 8 record in the shootout. Zetterberg should have scored either way because he clearly had Nabby on the glove side, but gave it right to him.



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Normally when I write these, I have an idea of where I’m going to go with it and how much I’m going to write; this one will just be until I am forced to vomit because of the Red Wings’ third period collapse last night.

It’s now down to “win or go home” for the might Detroit Red Wings. Unlike Game 2’s pathetic showing by the refs, this one should fall square on the shoulder of Detroit. They dominated the first period with a waved off goal, a penalty shot, and two that actually counted. I will get to the penalty shot in another area. For now I will just refer to the nausia inducing clips at the bottom of the page. Continue reading

Time For a Change

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It took less than a week, but the NHL has its’ first controversial goal of the 2010 Playoffs.

Just under three minutes into the third period of a 4-2 game, the puck was centred in front of the Kings’ net, hit a stopping Henrik Sedin’s skate and went into the net. After a very, very lengthy review, it was eventually ruled no goal. Although this decision may have not affected the outcome of the game, it still cause about a 10 minute break just moments into the final period.

I for one, believe that the goal should have counted. Kicking and stopping are two completely different actions and should be treated differently by the NHL.  Mike Murphy, current VP of hockey operations, said that “it wasn’t a distinct kicking motion, but a kicking motion nonetheless”. I don’t think that just because his foot was making a forward motion means that it should be deemed a kick. This was a definite stop.

My other issue with this ruling is that I don’t even think it should be there in the first place. The NHL’s mandate since the 2004-05 lockout has been to increase scoring and speed up the game; so what is the big deal of allowing a goal that is kicked in by a player. Not allowing this actually contradicts their entire position because it slows down the game while at the same time decreasing scoring.

As long as the foot stays along the ice (for safety reasons), kicking should be allowed in my books.

Edler on Smyth

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Edler is putting on a Kronwall-2008 type show in the first three games of this postseason.

Hart Needed From Miller, Ovie, Sedin

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With both Boston and LA coming off huge Game 2 victories on the road, and the Habs having outplayed the league leading Caps for most of their series, all three buildings should be absolutely rocking with anticipation of their team taking a 2-1 series lead.

While the Hart Trophy nominees won’t be announced until next week, my three candidates for the award need to pick up their game tonight if they want their teams to regain home ice advantage. Continue reading

This Didn’t Take Long….

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Game 3 in Detroit

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After failing to see a Wings’ game for the first 22 years of my life, tomorrow I am going to my fourth Wings’ in the past year…and I must say, I can’t wait for the Joe Louis Arena atmosphere.

First of all, the tickets were only $56….upper bowl..but pretty good for playoffs. Beat that MLSE. Secondly, the feel of JLA is just awesome; you actually feel like you’re in an arena with some real history. The smell, the murals, the posters, the beer, and yes…the statues of Gordie Howe and Ted Lindsay in the front lobby.

Having only been to ACC, Copps and HSBC, I can’t say I’m an expert on arenas in the professional hockey; but I can’t see many beating the experience you get at Joe Louis Arena.