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Deja Vu?

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Poor Shane Doan. Tonight could be the second time that the Red Wings force his team to play their last game in town.

Back in 1995, the Wings eliminated the Winnipeg Jets and a very young Shane Doan from the postseason in what was the last game ever played by the Jets.

The difference back then was that everyone knew that the Jets were going to be on the move. This time around, everything is in question. No one knows if they will be back, or if they’ll, or even if they’ll move to Winnipeg or not. Of course the rumours are heavily in favour of the Coyotes becoming the Jets once again, but that has nor been confirmed or denied by the league.

Can They Do This Every Week?

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Another classic battle between Bettman and Maclean. CBC Video

Confusing Schedule

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I must say that I am shocked Game 1 of the Finals isn’t going to be Saturday afternoon in front a NBC audience that doesn’t care, but I am even more shocked at how much this Finals differs from last year.

This season, the two Conference Finals series ended on Sunday May 23 and Monday May 24; the Finals begins Saturday May 29, with Game 2 on Monday May 31. Last season, the Wings knocked out the Hawks on Wednesday May 27, but started the Finals just three days later on Saturday. Then they played Game 2 less than 24 hours later on Sunday. While Detroit won both of the opening games, the common consensus is that they just ran out of gas over the next five games of the series.

Could this be because Gary Bettman doesn’t have his poster boy in the series?

Dundas Is Hockeyville 2010

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Congrats to Dundas for winning Hockeyville 2010. The arena of choice is Market Street arena, a place where I played most of my childhood. I am from Ancaster, so Dundas is about 10 down the road from us, but I still feel a sense of pride with this win. Can’t wait to try to get tickets to the Sens and Sabres.

This win should also hit the funny bone of any Canadian hockey fan, especially those who thought that Jim Balsillie was ripped off when trying to bring a team to Hamilton. Not sure if Gary Bettman knows this, but Dundas is actually a part of Hamilton…..a place which he has know deemed Hockeyville.