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Auld’s Tribute Mask

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Alex Auld Montreal New MAskAlex Auld new mask Montreal 

Check above for Alex Auld’s fantastic looking tribute mask that he is wearing for tonight’s game. The mask pays tribute to the Habs’ three retired goalies; Jacques Plante, Patrick Roy and Ken Dryden.

Halak’s Own Goal

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This goal is absolutely one of the craziest I have ever seen. Halak tries what has become almost a common move by a goaltender, to swat the puck in mid air out of harm’s way after save, but it backfires as it hits two points on his stick and ends up in the back of the net.

I can see the TSN Top 10 now….

The Wings were actually outplayed over the first two periods and outshot 24-17 over that span. Then the Wings scored four goals in just over three minutes in the third period.

Neuvirth Save

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And here is why I traded Varlamov in my keeper offseason and kept Neuvirth. That and Varlamov can’t stay healthy, case in point this season.

Holy Tim Thomas

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Tim Thomas was awesome last night against the Capitals. He stopped 38 of 39 shots, 13 in each period including multiple cross crease saves (as seen above). He is now 4-0, with a 0.978 save percentage and 0.75 GAA!! And that is against some the League’s elite; Phoenix, New Jersey and Washington twice.

I think it’s safe to say that he has stolen the starting job back from Tuukka Rask.

Struggling Starters

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Just about two weeks into the NHL season now, and the most shocking thing to me has been the struggles that some of the league’s elite netminders have been facing early on. Below are arguably the three of the top ranked goalies in the League since the lockout and have been locks for Vezina consideration.

Ryan Miller

2009-10: 2.22 GAA, 0.929%
This year: 2.62 GAA, 0.910% (1-3-1)

Martin Brodeur

2009-10: 2.24 GAA, 0.916%
This year: 3.18 GAA, 0.890% (1-4-1)

Henrik Lundqvist

2009-10: 2.38 GAA, 0.921%
This year: 3.75 GAA, 0.890% (1-2-1)

Pavelec Collapsed

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Ondrej Pavelec just collapsed in the Thrashers game against Washington. If you scroll to the end you can see him just drop. It’s like his knees just give out on him. He is being held overnight at the hospital and is in stable condition.

Clock for Ock

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Jimmy Howard has traded in his old, shitty mask that was adorned by two clocks in either side for one that has at least one image of Spiderman villain, Doctor Octopus. This might immediately push itself to the top of the “Cool Goalie Mask” list in the NHL.