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Torres Suspended

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Raffi Torres has been suspended four games for his hit to the head of Jordan Eberle on Tuesday night. With two games remaining on the schedule, this means that Torres won’t see any action until at least Game 3 of the Canucks opening round series.

Eberle left and did not return on Tuesday night, but came back to play last night against Calgary.

Edler on Smyth

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Edler is putting on a Kronwall-2008 type show in the first three games of this postseason.

Edler on Doughty

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If the Kings could have stolen a win in the game dominated by the Canucks last night, that would have been a huge momentum boost. Instead they are probably pretty deflated and I can’t really see them pushing it to the seven games I predicted. But then again…stranger things have happened (like six of the first eight games being upsets).

And then this hit; he left his feet plus an elbow to the head. Richardson didn’t turn his back when the hit was coming, he was playing the puck along the boards.

Ballard Strikes Again

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Ouch……don’t forget this whack on the head of Vokoun. Now I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if he gets traded:

Highlights of the Night

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Brodeur a beauty pass up to Clarkson.

Parise being oh so close to having a broken leg

Tomas Holmstrom slow to get up because he lost his skate blade


Top Concussion Hits

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I think we can all agree that the NHL needs to somehow take head shots out of the game. But I find it pointless for me to go into a big spiel as to what should be done because in the end it will just be a wasted effort as Colin Campbell will probably not give a very long suspension.  That is just how the NHL rolls. So with that said, I am just going to post some of the better CLEAN knockout hits from my recent memory:

Stevens on Kozlov: Game 2 of the 1995 Stanley Cup Finals. This was the first of many Stevens’ knockouts and the third of many Wings’ upsets in the 1990’s.

Kasparaitis on Lindros: 1998 regular season. Ouch.

Stevens on Lindros: Game 7 of the 2000 Eastern Finals. The Flyers led this series 3-1 with no Eric Lindros in the lineup. After a Devils’ win in Game 5, Lindros returned for Game 6 in New Jersey. Broduer was amazing in the next two games, winning both 2-1, but the lasting image is Scott Stevens absolutely crushing The Big E as he cut across the trolly tracks.

Stevens on Francis: 2001 Eastern QFs. Another clean check by Stevens.

Stevens on Kariya: Game 6 of 2003 Stanley Cup Finals. This game just couldn’t have been written better. I think this is probably the best one on this list because of its’ significance to me. While I remember the other Stevens’ hits, I was pretty young when they happened. This one, I was right into it because I really hated the Ducks for knocking out the Wings that year. After the hit and subsequent return by Kariya, I was chanting Go Ducks Go during Game 7 (which I spend at Copps watching the Bulldogs lose Game 7 to Houston….who the fuck decided put two Game 7s on one night…idiots).

Tucker on Sami Kapanen: Game 6 of 2004 Eastern Conference Semis. Awesome reaction by Kapanen, then even awesomer (sp?) goal moments later to knock out the Leafs in what was their most recent playoff game.

D. Markov on Stoll: 2006 regular season. Awesome hit…awesomer goal right after.

Campbell on Umberger: Game 1 of 2006 East QFs. Ohhhhhhh!! Maybe this is why Chicago gave him a bucket load of money for 8 years.

Armstrong on Patrick Eaves: Game 3 of 2007 East QFs. One of the only good things the Penguins did in this series.

Kronwall on Havlat: Game 3 of 2009 West Conference Finals. Another one of Kronwall’s many monstrous hits. I am still pissed he got a 5 minute major for interference of all things. The Hawks survived squandering a 3-0 lead in the game and won in overtime, but we all know who won in the end.

Richards vs Booth

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David Booth tried to get his revenge on Mike Richards last night.

For those who forget, Richards knocked Booth’s head off earlier in the season, potentially leaving him vulnerable to concussion symptoms for the rest of his career. Still a clean hit if you ask me. Hey why not show it again too: