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Ozzie Jinx

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I have stayed away from this topic, considering way back on November 23, 2009, I wrote this much thought out blog on how close Chris Osgood was to 400 career wins, and how by the end of his career, he would be among the greats of all time.

Well since that date, Ozzie has won a pathetic………..two games. The latest coming this past Saturday against the Blackhawks. His last win before that was on December 12, 2009 against Nashville!! Talk about a jinx.

But fear no more Chris Osgood, I see a bright future for you. Jimmy Howard struggled last night against Colorado, which has caused Babcock to go right back to old faithful tomorrow in Dallas. Ozzie currently sits at 397 career wins.


First Doc Ock, Now Chuck Norris

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Kari Lehtonen has decided to don Mr. Chuck Norris on his mask for the 2010-11 NHL season. Pretty interesting choice for a guy who has only played more than 50 games once in his career since being drafted 2nd overall in 2002. Regardless of Norris’ reputation as superhuman, this mask still doesn’t beat Howard’s new one:

Clock for Ock

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Jimmy Howard has traded in his old, shitty mask that was adorned by two clocks in either side for one that has at least one image of Spiderman villain, Doctor Octopus. This might immediately push itself to the top of the “Cool Goalie Mask” list in the NHL.

Lucky It wasn’t close

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Ouch Jimmy! And it was on his birthday.

Since it was Nolan who scored, might as well show possibly one of the best goals I have ever seen. Nolan on Hasek in the ASG, in San Jose (who he played for at the time)….for a hat trick….Awesome

Crosby the Bitch

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Just watch the little temper tantrum on Henrik Zetterberg once he realized the game was out of hand for the Penguins.

Good for Jimmy Howard for getting involved and standing up for one of the stars. Some may be surprised, but Howard actually has a bit of a history of some goalie fights himself:

AHL vs Michael Leighton

AHL vs Zenon Konopka

…on the other hand…

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After that little rant, and all I have said about the following in recent weeks, kudos to Ken Hitchcock for starting Mathieu Garon for the fifth straight game tonight. A few weeks ago, he implemented the ‘win and you’re’ philosophy for his goalies. Both struggled until the Jackets won three games in a row with Garon. The streak was ended Tuesday by the Blues, but Garon is still in tonight. He used that strategy the way to it is supposed to be used, which is not 100% literally. If your team catches fire under a certain goalie and then comes out with a dud, don’t sit the fucking goalie Montreal. Look at Detroit, 10 consecutive starts for Howard even after getting smoked by the Islanders of all teams. Why….because the team played horribly in front of him, not the other way around.

My #1 Jinx

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Half of my “blogs” include me touting my own horn, so it is only fair for me to come out when I have made a pretty big error. This error was writing about how Chris Osgood is 5 wins away from 400 in his career back on November 23. I went on to say that “Barring something crazy, he will pass Grant Fuhr (403) and Glen Hall (407) by the end of this season.” Well, something crazy has happened. Since their loss to Nashville on that date, Ozzie has only started four games for the Wings, winning only one!! Jimmy Howard has been absolutely sensational for Detroit, and has pushed his way into the Calder Trophy picture. So now I will say, barring something crazy, I can’t see Osgood passing Glen Hall (407 wins) this season.  Sorry Chris, but I have to say that I am very happy and surprised with the play of Howard.