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NHL 11 Trailer

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The first footage of NHL 11 was shown earlier at E3 this week. You can tell that EA has pretty much covered all of their bases in terms of gameplay features when they have to fill their trailer with big, bolded words like “PLAY WITHOUT STICK”, “PASS YOUR STICK”, “GET A NEW STICK”. Oh well, I’ll buy it.

Just like last year’s debut trailer, it is very “Hawk-heavy”. Last year was because $.25 Kane was on the cover (so much for the “EA Cover Curse“; this year, Chicago won the Cup and it was just announced that Jonathan Toews will be the cover boy. NHL 11 will also feature the integration of the entire CHL.

Conn Smythe Cap Hit

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It was bad enough that Jonathan Toews even won the Conn Smythe Trophy for playoff MVP when he only had three assists in the Stanley Cup Final (stepping back a bit he only had two even strength goals all postseason!!); now a report has come out saying that because he won the award, he receives a $1.3 million bonus that will count against Chicago’s cap next season.

This is the same Chicago team who was already paying out $57.5 million to only 14 players in the 2010-11 season. Andrew Ladd will be gone regardless, but if they can’t find a way to either bury or buyout Huet, then it probably also means the end of two of Patrick Sharp, Dustin Byfuglien or Kris Versteeg.


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Hahaha….this is a mural that can be seen from the Eisenhower Expwy in Chicago. Their plan was to switch the player on it every few weeks in the playoffs, but the negative feedback has made them just whitewash Piggy Toews.

Got the story over at Puck Daddy!

Leading the Way

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Rick Nash

On a night when it was expected to be Crosby vs Ovechkin, the newly formed shutdown line of Mike Richards, Rick Nash and Jonathan Toews absolutely stole the show. If I were Mike Babcock, I would continue putting them out there before I put the San Jose line. Each of those guys were absolutely fantastic every shift of the game.

Anyone who doubted that Mike Richards should be on the team, I hope you saw his effort along the boards before the Shea Weber goal last night. I can’t find a replay because the fucking Olympics has a stranglehold on everything, but he basically outmuscled a Russian forward while on his own ass, got the puck free and moved it up the ice. And I will admit, even once the tournament started, I was a bit skeptical of Jonathan Toews being picked over some players; but he has been absolutely phenomenal, both on the draw and with the quiet seven assists he has put up. And Rick Nash, well, I never thought I would say that he had an amazing game shutting down the league’s best player. I hope they put this line head to head with Hossa and Demitra tomorrow night.

The Adventures of Patrick Kane 2: Shirtless Limo

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I don’t really know why I am just hearing about this now, but I think that Patrick Kane should just stay away from motorized vehicles. I don’t even think that there is need to explain the situation here, except that Patrick Kane is a big fag. Anybody who says “BOOM” everytime he scores deserves to be knocked out. But good for the newcomer Madden to get in there with the young guys. Actually, add Kris Versteeg to the list with those stupid glasses… a limousine.