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Thank You, Kessel!….and Burke

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A “Thank You, Kessel” chant broke out last night after 2nd overall pick, Tyler Seguin, scored against the team he could have been drafted by. The fans really should have been chanting “Thank You, Burke”; it’s not like Kessel did the trade right?

Seguin vs Kessel

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Tonight is round 1 of what most likely will be a career long comparison between Phil Kessel and Tyler Seguin. Is it fair to do? Not a chance! It doesn’t even make sense because there is still another first round pick in the picture for the Boston Bruins. But it is definitely fun to look at because there is little chance that the Leafs can come out on top of this deal.

Leafs’ Projected Lines

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The time is coming for my predictions; and I need to make a lot of them. By the end of October, they will mean absolutely nothing because there will be injuries, demotions, promotions and slumps; but they’re still fun.

One of the hardest teams to predict this year is going to be the Leafs. I don’t mean in the grand scheme of the season because even in the weaker East, I think they will fall short. But in terms of who will play an important throughout the season is anyone’s guess. They have one scoring line that is pretty much set in stone, but after that there are about six or seven guys who could fit into the top six and see their points rise because of it.

Training camp might not even decide much because while youngsters like D’Amigo and Irwin will be given a shot to play, there are others in the system that will be put ahead of them in terms of NHL playing time. Continue reading

Savard-Kessel Reunion?

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With the recent departure of Dennis Wideman, Boston has a big hole on their back end: powerplay quarterback. Their top four next year are currently look like this: Continue reading

Everything I’ve Wanted to Say And More…

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An article at THN by Brian Costello called “Leafs lose much more than a second overall pick for Kessel”:

Canes vs Bruins TONIGHT!!

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This should be a good one tonight. The last place Carolina Hurricanes face off against the playoff bound Boston Bruins, with the loser going one step closer to that coveted first overall pick. Wait a minute….it’s not the Bruins playing tonight? Ohhhhh it is just their first round pick on the line?? WHAT!? It is their second round pick on the line as well!?!?!┬áSo basically, you are telling me that you are a Leafs fan, your playoff hopes are dwindling, your “superstar” forward that you traded the world for has 1 goal in his last 12 games, and you can’t even find solace in the fact that you can cheer for a pick in the lottery draft with the potential of getting a Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin! You can’t even cheer for a 30-35th overall pick in what is considered a weaker draft year. You are telling me that all you have to cheer for is, AT BEST a 3rd round pick!!!