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Downie is a nutbag

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….and I love it. How can I say I like Steve Downie, but hate David Perron for faking his injury last night? I never really had respect for Downie in the first place, so those kind of actions are expected from him. The good stuff starts about half way through the video.

Who would have thought there would be so much animosity between the Kings and Lightning? And just to drill this point into the ground even more, these two teams were 30th and 29th after the 2008 season. They drafted Stamkos and Doughty. Tampa sits at 7-2-3, while LA is tops in the League at 9-3-0. Maybe if Toronto had realized out of the lockout that they didn’t have the pieces to win, they could be in a similar situation right now. And the 40+ year rebuild continues.

Western Conference Predictions

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This will probably be a lot quicker than the East predictions because there is a lot to get to before the season kicks off Thursday at noon. Still don’t know why there needs to be three full days without hockey before things get underway, but oh well:

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NHL Goalie Landscape: Part 1-Trades

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As if the fact that the two goalies in the Cup Final made a combined $1.4 million last year didn’t worry GMs enough about their money allocation in goal, over half of the teams in the League have some big time decisions to make about who will be guarding the crease for their team in 2010-11. Continue reading

Time For a Change

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It took less than a week, but the NHL has its’ first controversial goal of the 2010 Playoffs.

Just under three minutes into the third period of a 4-2 game, the puck was centred in front of the Kings’ net, hit a stopping Henrik Sedin’s skate and went into the net. After a very, very lengthy review, it was eventually ruled no goal. Although this decision may have not affected the outcome of the game, it still cause about a 10 minute break just moments into the final period.

I for one, believe that the goal should have counted. Kicking and stopping are two completely different actions and should be treated differently by the NHL.  Mike Murphy, current VP of hockey operations, said that “it wasn’t a distinct kicking motion, but a kicking motion nonetheless”. I don’t think that just because his foot was making a forward motion means that it should be deemed a kick. This was a definite stop.

My other issue with this ruling is that I don’t even think it should be there in the first place. The NHL’s mandate since the 2004-05 lockout has been to increase scoring and speed up the game; so what is the big deal of allowing a goal that is kicked in by a player. Not allowing this actually contradicts their entire position because it slows down the game while at the same time decreasing scoring.

As long as the foot stays along the ice (for safety reasons), kicking should be allowed in my books.

Edler on Smyth

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Edler is putting on a Kronwall-2008 type show in the first three games of this postseason.

West Playoff Predictions

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Well, here we go. My 2010 playoff predictions for the Western Conference. Unlike what seems like everyone else in the world, I am not going by the theory that there HAS TO be an upset in the first round. I am going with who I think will win the series. Expect the Eastern predictions very soon. Continue reading

Bernier is King

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Jonathan Bernier has been named the AHL goalie of the year for 2009-2010. In his second full season with the Manchester Monarchs, he went 30-20-6, with a 2.03 GAA, .937 sv% and a league leading nine shutouts (the next closest had six). Bernier has been labeled the top goaltending prospect for the past two years now, but only managed three NHL games this season, going 3-0 for LA with an even better GAA (1.30) and sv% (.960%).

One of the topics that keeps coming up in LA this season has been what will happen with this young stud with the emergence of Jonathan Quick this season. While he struggled lately, Quick has had an exceptional year with 39 wins (tied for 3rd in the NHL), and has respectable numbers at 2.51 and .910%. Not only was he named to the US Olympic team over Craig Anderson, he has also been a huge factor in the Kings making their first playoff appearance since 2001-02.

Regardless of all of Quick’s achievements this year, I am shocked that people actually believe that LA has him pegged as the goalie of their future over Bernier. As they say, “the proof is in the pudding”….or “in the money” in this case. Early this season, Quick was resigned to a three year. $5.4 million extension. The weird thing about this deal is that it actually DECREASES as time goes on:

  • Year 1: $1.9 million
  • Year 2: $1.8 million
  • Year 3: $1.7 million

What kind of structure is that for a goalie that is supposed to lead a team? The answer to that is it’s not a contract for a future starter, but more of a backup or a role that will be diminishing over time. If Quick were a 35 year old tender then I wouldn’t think twice about the structure of the deal, but the fact of the matter is that he is only 24. This deal was specifically done to accomplish two things; one is that it makes him a major asset because his play for that price is absolutely unbelievable, two is that WHEN Bernier overtakes him, the Kings management won’t have a problem sitting Quick’s monster contract on the bench like we keep hearing Chicago is with Huet.

Next season, I expect that they will begin splitting time until Bernier eventually wins out. Maybe Quick will go to Philly for one of those overpaid forwards??