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Leafs’ Drought Hits Six Years

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…..and that’s seven if you want to include the lockout.

How has it already been seven seasons since this happened against the Flyers?! I guess time flies when you suck. But the optimist would say that hope is on the horizon. They could have three 30 goal scorers since who knows when, they have seen their third/fourth stringer in camp come up and be phenomenal for over three months, and they have a ton of cap space.With that said, I still think they need a ton of work. Continue reading

Leafs and Wings Season Comparison

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I have added a section to the sidebar on the right which will compare the Leafs and Wings year this year, with their progress during the 2009-10 season. The original request I got was to just do the Leafs, but I can’t give the Leafs credit for improvement when I fully expect the Wings to improve on their season as well. As you can see, the Leafs 5th win didnt’ come until November 25 last year!

I also want to add a side note that will track some of the prospects for both teams throughout this season, I just need to ensure that I will be able to keep it up to date enough to make it worthwhile.

Seguin vs Kessel

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Tonight is round 1 of what most likely will be a career long comparison between Phil Kessel and Tyler Seguin. Is it fair to do? Not a chance! It doesn’t even make sense because there is still another first round pick in the picture for the Boston Bruins. But it is definitely fun to look at because there is little chance that the Leafs can come out on top of this deal.

Keeper Draft Day

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The draft for my keeper league that is going into its’ second season is tomorrow night. I can’t wait to get this thing rolling. We keep 15 players, so the draft is only going to be seven rounds which should only take about half an hour. You can guarantee that Hall and Seguin will go 1 & 2. After that, everything is up in the air.

In the wake of me potentially stealing my new favorite fan’s 1st round choice, I thought of this awesome video from teh 2009 NHL Draft where Burke tells Brian Murray he is taking Kadri in round 1:

Traverse City Prospect Tourney Update

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Ahhh, this is where it all began; the Traverse City Prospect Tournament. Since the Red Wings started this yearly tournament up in 1998, there has since been one set up in Penticton (with Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary, San Jose and Anaheim) and in Toronto (with the Leafs, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Ottawa). These mini tournaments give teams the chance to take a closer look at their system of prospects before the main training camp opens up next week.

In Traverse City this year are Detroit, Minnesota, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, NYR, Dallas, Carolina and Columbus. Games started last Saturday with each team playing three games before advancing to mini playoffs. The tournament concludes today with games at 2pm, 2:30pm, 5:30pm and 6pm, with the 2-0-1 Wings facing off against the 3-0 Wild in the finals.

Here are some notes from the tournament thus far:

Continue reading

Leafs’ Projected Lines

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The time is coming for my predictions; and I need to make a lot of them. By the end of October, they will mean absolutely nothing because there will be injuries, demotions, promotions and slumps; but they’re still fun.

One of the hardest teams to predict this year is going to be the Leafs. I don’t mean in the grand scheme of the season because even in the weaker East, I think they will fall short. But in terms of who will play an important throughout the season is anyone’s guess. They have one scoring line that is pretty much set in stone, but after that there are about six or seven guys who could fit into the top six and see their points rise because of it.

Training camp might not even decide much because while youngsters like D’Amigo and Irwin will be given a shot to play, there are others in the system that will be put ahead of them in terms of NHL playing time. Continue reading

Triple Dion

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The Leafs new captain has declared that anything but the playoffs this year will be deemed a disappointment.

Way to go Dion.

Not only do you already have enough pressure on you because Toronto is paying you $6.5 million next season when you only scored 32 points 81 games. And not only are you going to have an already immense amount of pressure because you have been thrust into the Toronto media spotlight as the first captain since the great Mats Sundin. But now you have set the bar very high for a team that just finished 29th in the entire league.

You can guarantee that Howard Berger will ask Dion about that comment when the Leafs are out of playoff contention in early April. This is exactly why he should not have been captain in the first place; too much pressure on an already pressured player who is playing in ‘the hockey capital of the world’.

MacArthur and Lashoff

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Thank god for something other than an Ilya Kovalchuk story!

With just a few weeks before training camp, the Leafs dipped back into the free agent market to add to their thin offense, and look to be taking their chance on a once prized prospect. Continue reading

Live Blogging on a Saturday

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Well, I’m sick so I feel like just doing a live blog while I stay in and hockey. Here we go: Continue reading

Thomas Saves the Day

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Tim Thomas was absolutely clutch tonight. On paper he only made 24 saves, but many of them were either point blank or on a breakaway. Not to mention the saves in the shootout. Rask is now DTD with an injury, so I hope Timmy wins back the job.

Luca Caputi didn’t look out of place tonight either, and he pretty manhandled his way to setting up the Leafs tying goal. Regardless, it was another shootout loss for Toronto and another hammer in the coffin that has them sitting 29th in the league, and was against the team that will benefit most from that position.