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If Jose Was Maple Leaf…

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Over the past few years, I have become a much bigger fan of the game of baseball and, more importantly, the Toronto Blue Jays. I’m pretty sure I can attribute it to two things; having a summer job that required me to do heavy amounts of driving, aka heavy amounts of listening to the FAN590, and the second being that I joined my first MLB fantasy pool last season. Last season I finished just out of the top three in my baseball pool, coming in fourth, and while I no longer have a job that demands many hours on the road, I make an effort to listen to the FAN as often as possible.

Coming into this season, I actually planned ahead for my baseball pool and it seems I am reaping the benefits (sort of). I’m currently in the two week finals for it; and after bursting out to a 11-4 lead as of last weekend, my team has fallen apart and I now trail 12-3. That is all besides the point. One of the biggest reasons I finished in 2nd place during the regular season in this pool is because of a simple pickup I made on May 18, dropping Rays’ starter for Jose Bautista. At that point, he had 11 HRs and was coming off 4 in only three games. In a head to head pool, I had to take advantage of what I thought would be a mini hot streak. Bautista now has 54 homeruns and 124 RBI!!

The reason I want to do this comparison is because Bautista is in a critical point in his contract in that it will end after next season. The Blue Jays have a very tough decision ahead and it all depends on what they think Jose Bautista really is and how close they think they are to competing as a team. They have three options: Continue reading


The Trends Continue

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HereĀ are a list of things that I would have bet would be true by this point of the NHL season: Continue reading


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Uh oh! The Monster is in the net for the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight. And after having only lead for 6 minutes and 40 seconds allllllllllllll season, the Leafs have finished the 1st period ahead of the Ducks 2-1. Although it is way too early to tell, this could be the beginning of something amazing for the Leafs. Was it the dodgeball? Brian Burke’s pheasant hunting? Who knows. But again, it is only the first period.

By the way, I actually do plan on writing some real hockey blog articles for this page and will not always be making sarcastic comments. I am actually working on one right now. So there.

In other news, Jaroslav Halak started his 4th straight game tonight, helping the Habs to their 4th straight win. They’re PRICE-less…….get it.