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Poor Calgary

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Wow….I think I’ve had enough of this fear of overturning what the ref on the ice saw. Get the call right!!

Last week we saw the NHL make one of the worst calls at one of the most important times in a game between Calgary and Anaheim (start at 1:00 mark), this week the Flames are getting screwed in a game that they’re not even involved in.

Again, the best view comes at the 1:00 mark. I don’t get how this decision was not overturned by the league office. First of all, there is zero evidence showing that Hossa even touched the puck with his stick, which would it have happened, would negate the kicking motion. Secondly, there is zero evidence that the puck even crosses the line in this situation.

The Hawks were down 0-2 at that point, but rallied around this marker on route to a 4-3 OT win. That, combined with Anaheim’s big win over San Jose officially eliminated Calgary from playoff contention.

Hawks’ Future

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Two of the guys in the picture are going to cause the other two to find a new team next year.

Even though the Blackhawks are two wins away from winning their first Stanley Cup in almost 50 years, I still can’t help but think about what could have been if they had never dished out the money to Brian Campbell, Cristobal Huet and Marian Hossa.

$20 million goes to those three players alone! Huet isn’t playing, Campbell hasn’t been as effective since Keith’s emergence and while Marian Hossa has picked it up, is he really worth more than your two younger star forwards and the flexibility of your team in the future?

Their cap total next year is already at $57.5 million with only 14 players signed. That is without UFAs John Madden and Adam Burish and RFAs Andrew Ladd, Niklas Hjalmarsson and potential Stanley Cup winning goalie, Antii Niemi.

Maybe without these three they wouldn’t be in the position they would be now, but it is likely going to cost them at least two of Patrick Sharp, Dustin Byfuglien or Kris Versteeg over the offseason. Plus they will be right up against the cap for the next few years.

Return to the Joe

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Marian Hossa makes his less than triumphant return to Joe Louis Arena tonight. I wonder if he will actually show up in the arena tonight, he was basically non-existent during the Wings’ playoff run last season. I would be a hypocrite to say that I am mad at Hossa for leaving Detroit, when two summers ago I was absolutely ecstatic that he left Pittsburgh for the Wings. I am disappointed that when they needed him most (ie. the four games Pavel Datsyuk missed in the Finals), Hossa did not perform. When the time comes for the 2010 playoffs, Chicago will learn exactly what Ottawa, Atlanta and Detroit did before them; Hossa chokes when the pressure is put on him.

Other than that, tonight will be another matchup of Chicago against Grand Rapids. The Hawks made the Wings look like a Bantam team on Sunday night; hopefully Detroit comes out with more of an effort tonight.

On a side note, doesn’t he look exactly like that guy who always plays a dick; Beetlejuice, Ed Wood and Sleepy Hollow.