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The Replacement

Posted in Hockey Blogs with tags , , on November 24, 2009 by davepoleck

When Minnesota signed Martin Havlat to a 6 year, $30 million contract, I think they expected him to come in as sort of a replacement for Marian Gaborik. Well if that was the expected outcome, they are probably really angry right now. Havlat has been almost non-existent, scoring only 8 points in 19 games played. He is also a team worst -14. And now he is day to day with a hamstring injury. Marian Gaborik on the other hand, has 32 points in 21 games.

I was surprised that both players were signed to such long term deals given their injury history. But Gaborik I could at least understand because of his tremendous upside when he does play. While Gaborik has spent all of his time in Minnesota playing with little talent, Havlat had his best season last year on a completely stacked Chicago team, and prior to that, played on a stacked Ottawa team. His games played since the look like this starting with last year: 81, 35, 56, 18. I get that the Wild felt they needed to bring in big name player to fill the void Gaborik left, but why take a risk on a guy who is one of the most fragile in the League. I guess that is why they are last in the West right now.