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2011 Playoffs Are Set

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Ohhhh baby!!! Five games are set for Wednesday night and I cannot wait!! Although I was on the edge of my seat for the entire game this afternoon, I am glad that the Hawks eventually made it into the postseason. Something just wouldn’t feel right if the defending Cup champs weren’t there. It also means we’re all treated to another stellar meeting between them and their arch rival Canucks.

The NHL has announced the first round broadcast schedule (aka my personal heaven on a nightly basis). I will have my predictions out before things get under way, but I have to say that I love the mix of old and new matchups. Three of the eight series are first time matchups; Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay, San Jose and LA and Anaheim and Nashville.

Last year’s first round only featured one familiar matchup since the lockout and it was one that everyone knew the outcome to; Ottawa vs Pittsburgh. 2011 is a lot different:

Washington vs NY Rangers- 2009, Caps won in seven

Philadelphia vs Buffalo- 2006, Sabres won in six

Boston vs Montreal- 2008, Habs won in seven
                                          2009, Bruins won in four

Vancouver vs Chicago- 2009, Hawks won in six
                                                2010, Hawks won in six

Detroit vs Phoenix- 2010, Wings won in seven


East Is Set

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Another great thing about this best on best tournament is some of the individual matchups of current NHL teammates that we will be able to see. I cannot even imagine the intensity. For many of these situations, these players are more than just teammates during the season. They are like brothers; they play together, room together, eat together, win and lose together. Then all of a sudden, for a two week period right in the middle of their brotherhood’s united push for the playoffs, they are ripped off of their teams and put right up against the guys that they play with all year round.

On top of personal gratification and the egotisical joy that one player would get from beating his NHL teammate, they are also fighting for their own country and all of the fans watching at home. Talk about added pressure. This intensity and competition is the kind of stuff that could alter their friendships. Although the Wings did go on to win the Cup in 2002, that must been pretty damn tough for Brett Hull and Chris Chelios to lose to their fellow Red Wings on American soil.

Obviously, some of these will not materialize due to the round robin format, but they are still fun to think about: Continue reading